Hamilton County Probate Papers and Will Index
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Hamilton County, IL Wills On-Line

Warner P. Anderson's Will of 1926

Benjamin Franklin Auxier's Will of 1867

Joseph Aydt's Will of 1913
Alfred Biggerstaff's Will of 1862
Arden Biggerstaff
George Boster's Will of 1886
Sampson B. Cantrell's Will of 1883
John Cook's Will of 1854
Mary Cook's Will of 1893
Warden L. Coons' Will of 1917

John Darley's Will of 1885

Sarah E. Davis (1929)
Tilman Dixon Will of 1882
David Garrison Will of 1857
Ely Gholson's Will of 1841
John A. Hensley Will of 1893
McAlister A. Hooker of 1913
George A. Hungate's Will of 1911
Solomon Karcher's Will of 1877
John Irvin - Petition to Probate Will 1924
William Johnson's Will of 1842
Felix Kaufmann's Will of 1860
William Kelly's Will of 1856
John W. Knight's Will of 1910
John Lowry's Will of 1848
James McMahan's Will of 1864
Samuel Mann's Will of 1909

Ambrose Maulding's Will of 1831

Julia A. Maulding's Will of 1926

Frederick Mayberry's Will of 1839

Jacob Mayberry's Will of 1897
George (1834) & Margaret McKenzie (1840)   
William J. Metcalf Will of 1857
Abraham Peer's Will of 1879
Silas W. Powell (d. 5 Aug 1899-White Co., IL)
John E. Prince's Will of 1918
Will of Thomas W. Smith (before 1855)
Miscellaneous Estate papers for the Taylor Family
More Taylor family Estate papers
James Vickers Will - April 23, 1840
Eliza Wheeler's Will 1886
William Wheeler's Will (1830) & another Transcription

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