The Will of William Wheeler

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           Will of William Wheeler

In the name of God Amen.  I William Wheeler being of the State of Illinois 
and of  the county of Hamilton being weak of body, but being of sound mind 
and memory blessed. The almighty God for The same. I do make and establish this my last 
will and Testament in name and from following that is to say 
First: I give and bequeath unto my beloved Wife Peggy Wheeler after all the lawful debts are paid,
with the exception of Eighty Dollars in ?? and one featherbead,  The land and remainder of houshold 
property with the stock I give to her to raise her children. (viz)   The things that are with
her to remain in her hands as long as she remains in a state of widowhoodeither or till Death at the
termination Of Which it Period the land and profits and all my real estate 
to be divided in the manner following:  that first to say Equally divided between  ????? And my 
daughter Lucy.  I do also give and bequeath to my daughter Lucy Eighty 
dollars to be raised out of my property  and one featherbed bedding, the 
remainder to be Disposed?? As aforesaid ?? Which 
several? ?? Or ?? Of property ad money I will and order that ??legatees after my disease??----
Which I appoint my son Henry Wheeler as sole Executor of this my last will and Testament hereby 
revoking all former wills. ?? made in witness a true and ?? Sic???    
September 2,? 1830 William Wheeler 
Signed and published and declared

 ??  Above named William Wheeler
To be his last will and Testament in presence
Of we who have hereunder subscribed our names

As witness, in the presence of Mr. ?? Wheeler??
		Grace Nab?
		Lewis Lane?
		William Kirly?
Know all men ?? Henry Wheeler, ?? Wheeler, and William Wheeler  
---- are made?? And simply ? Bound? unto the people of this State of 
Illinois in the final sum of four??  Hundred Dollars lawful money of the 
state of Illinois as final accounting do make or cause to be made a true and 
perfect inventory.
The conditions of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Henry 
Wheeler  executor? of the last will and testament of William Wheeler deceased 
within the week and ?? Of William Wheeler deceased do make or cause to be 
made a true and (im)partial? Inventory of all and singular??? the goods and 
chattels rights and credits ??  Perfect.  And  ?? And the rents and 
profits? issuing out of the same of the said deceased which have or shall 
come to the hand ? of the said Henry? Wheeler.  ??The same so made do 
inhabit? in the county of Hamilton as required by law and also make? Is fair 
and just account of his actions and duties as last Executor or Administrator 
to said county when thenunto lawfully required and to  which??  duly 
preformed? the duties charged?? On him in and by the said will and shall pay 
and deliver to this person entitled then to all legatees and bequests 
contained in said will so far as the estate of the said legators will 
thereunto extended?? According to the administration as the law shall charge 
him and shall in general ? to all other acts which may from time to time be 
required of him by law through this obligation to be void otherwise to remain 
in full force and ?? And acknowledge      
Henry (x his mark) Wheeler     (seal)
October 1832                
John  (x his mark)  Wheeler    (seal)
State of Illinois  ?
Hamilton County   
The 19th day of September 1832  this day? Appraisal? 
Before Probate in and for said county.
     The witness named Isaac Hale?, Lewis Sam?  And William Riley ?? 
Witness who being by me duly sworn on their oaths depose?? and say that they 
were present and saw the within named William Wheeler sign the within will   
in their presence.  That they believe and still believe that the said William 
Wheeler was of sound mind and memory at the time of signing the same and that 
they attended ?? (witnessed ??) The signing of said will in their presence 
and by the request of said William Wheeler and in presence of each other.

                   ? I have here unto set my ?? And my private seal      
     	   ? 19 September 1832  

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