The Will of Arden Biggerstaff

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Will of Arden Biggerstaff

Written: March 2, 1840
Probated: March 7, 1840

Last Will of Arden Biggerstaff

I, Arden Biggerstaff, this day being weak in body but sound in mind do make this my last will and testment in the Name of God Amen. I do bequeath unto my wife, Eliza, the mules, filley and her saddle and all the house hold and kitchen furniture and all the flock of sheepe and two of the best cows and calves and ten had of the best hogs and the land , the North West quarter of the North West quarter of Section in Township Five, South of Range Seven, East containing eighty acres of which I wish it to be equal divided between my two sons Lewis and Milac? M. and I wish my two daughters to have one hundred dollars each when they become of age.

It is my will that all of my personal property be for sale and after all my debts are paid, the balance to be equal divided between my wife, Eliza Biggerstaff and my two sons, Lewis L. Biggerstaff and Milac? M. Biggerstaff and the income of the land to go to the support of the family untill the boys become of age ------- and the lots that myself and William Wheeler purchased of Charles McClain ???? lying in McClainsborough, it is my wish that Lewis ?? to take my part of said lots in McClainsborough and pay the same amount that I have for them by there numbers on the plat of said town US Sat No. and Sat ??? Sat W. So & Sat No. 63 and it is my wish that Lewis (Lane?) be the administrator of the Estate of the deceased and of ??? for my heirs this tenth day of March 1840 have on this day put my hand and affix my seal.

Arden Biggerstaff (Seal)


John Hearns

Wesley (his x mark) Biggerstaff

Joel P. Lane

State of Illinois  ))
Hamilton County ))

Be it remember that this day came before me the undersigned probate justice Westly Biggerstaff & Joel Lane personally known to me and after being duly sworn says that they assigned my will as wittnesses & at the request of S ? testator & also that the S ? assigned his own name and they believe that he was of sound mind and memory at the time of assigning the name.

Sworn to before me this 7 day. March, 1840

B. Hood (mark)

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