William Johnson's Will of 1842
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Hamilton County, Illinois Probate Journal, Book A ; p. 51

March 7th 1842
Record of the will of Wm. Johnson

Be it known that William Johnson of the county of Hamilton & state of Illinois being
In a low state of health and feeble state of body but of sound mind & memory died on
the 28th day of February 1842 call upon Rachel Ward and James Stull to bear testimony
of his will which he did then & there pronounce & declare as follows, to wit
1st it is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be paid
2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Hannah Johnson all my household &
kitchen furniture my grey mare one cow & calf and all my gentle hogs, third it is my
will that the residue of my property be sold & the proceeds equally divided between
my children & their heirs and lastly I hereby revoke & annual all former wills by me
made & I declare & ratify & confirm this & no other to be my last will & testament
Which said will has this day been reduced to writing by Jonathan P. Hardy upon the
?????? of the undersigned witnesses subscribed by us this 5th day of March 1842

                                                                                                      her mark

 test                                                                                          Rachel ^ Ward

J.P. Hardy                                                                                      his mark

                                                                                                 James ^ Stull  

Page 52               March 7th 1842

State of Illinois     }      at  a court of probate held
County  }      at the probate office in McLean boro on the 7th day of March 1842

This day personally appeared before me Rachel Ward & James Stull two credible
witnesses and after being duly sworn depose & say that they were present heard
the within named William Johnson pronounce the words of the within will and that
they beleived him to be of sound mind & memory & that he requested them to bear
witness that this was his will and that said will was made in the last sickness of the
said William Johnson Also then & there came Jesse Johnson, & Elisha Bond two
credible witnesses appeared & after being duly sworn on their oaths say that they
verily beleive the within will was reduced to writing within ten days after the
death of the said William Johnson

In testimony whereof I Robert Edwards Probate Justice of the peace in & for said County at his office in McLeansboro this 7th day of March 1842

                                                                                R Edwards (seal)

Note: Original spellings retained.
Rachel Ward was the daughter of William Johnson, James Stull was his 

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