The Will of John Cook

This Will was transcribed and contributed by Sharlene Coontz Meyer.  Thanks!


Will of John Cook

Last Will and Testament of John Cook

State of Illinois )) ss
Hamilton County ))

This will of John Cook this July 15th day of 1854.

This is my wish that the widdow have all after all the debts and expencies is settled as her sale property and rights fair is one colte that is to be given to Hannar Luscinda Yats at wening tim and that will be the potien of all the children that has left me. Eskirl and all the balance that is at hom with me, I want them to have as much as them and if my wife Hannar should not live to give the younger children their ful potien as the other childen their air to have that much that is in valu as the oldest has got and there is to be after the deth of wif and equal devision of all that is left, all the rail astate with all it pertainto with all the property of all that I, John Cook is in prosacion of on sesed this tim the witnes my hand the day and date above riten.

Sind in our Presents ______John Cook, Jr._______

______Thomas Vickers_____

State of Illinois, Hamilton County, ss

This day personally approved before the County Court of same county the same being as cession John Cook, Jr. & Thomas Vickers who after being first duly sworn on their oaths say that they were present and saw the said John Cook, Senior sign said Will in their presents and that they _______that the said John Cook, Senior now dec’d was of sound mind and memory at the time of signing the same.

______Thomas Vickers_____

____John Cook, Jr._________

Sworn to _________ before me in open court this 1st day of January, 1854.

______S. A._Martin, Clerk____

_____By. Jus (Unreadable), Deputy

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