William J. Metcalf's Will of 1857

Hamilton County, IL; Box 8, File 12; Probated June 15, 1857
(Typed as written)

STATE OF ILLINOIS}  May the 3rd., 1857
I, William J. Metcalf, of the County of Hamilton and State of Illinois, do make and publish this my last Will and Testement, hereby revoking and making void all former will heretofore made.  And it is first my Will that my funeral expences and all my just debts be paid.  Second; I give, devise and bequeath to my present wife, Nancy, in leu of her dower, one gaey filly, two years old past, and one budal, eleven head of hogs, avarage of the hogs to be selected by her out of the hogs she brought, her eight head of sheep, her old lot and an avarage of the balance of my flock and one two year old heifer, known by the name of heart two years old; Third all the household and kitchen furnature that my wife brought here together with all her former husbands estate with all intrest that may accrue thereon, also one bed and bed stid, two quilts and two sheets, and all the cubboard ware, one looking glass.  Forth: half the bacon on hand at my death, thirty bushels of corn and twelve bushels of wheet or part flower and part wheet as the case may be as there is not enough old wheet on hand to pay Nancy her twelve bushels whe will have to wait untill after harvest.  Fifth: half the chickens and all the geese and one table of my own.  6th: It is my Will and request that John P. Rily enter on my land and take full possession of the same at my death, for the following purposes (towit) for taken care of and raising my three young sons, William Erasmas and Richard; and also that John P. Rily take my property at fare valuation and dispose of it so as to pay all my just debts and if there should be any money after paying the debts, I wish it applied to the benefit of my three younge sons.

It is not my will that the corn be valued to the said Kirby cau it will be necessary to keep it to feed the young hogs on; it is further my wish if there should be any crop planted at my death on the farm, that it should not be valued to the said Kirby, he is to keep it and apply it as other property if necessary.  I also bequeath to my daughter, Mariam Kirby, my bureau safe clock and cooking stove, as she has the care of her three youne brothers.  I also bequeath to my sons, Daniel, one book (the Encyclopedia).  I bequeath to my Jane Lee two books (towit) Nelson on Infidelity and Guns Domestick Meadicine.  I bequeath to my daghter, Martia, two books, the Military American Biography and Bucks Theloogical Dictionary. I bequeath to my son, Robert, one dollar, the remainder of my books and bequeath to my sons, William and his little brothers.  I futhermore appoint my son, Lee Metcalf, Executor of my last Will and Testiment.  

Signed, published and declared by the above named William J. Metcalf, as and for his Last Will and Testament, in present of us, who at his request signed as witnesses to the same.

W. J. Metcalf (Seal)

Attest: W. P. Garrison
           William Fields

ss. We do solumly aware that we were present and saw the with named W. J. Metcalf sign the within will an do believe that the testator of sound memory and mind at the time of signing the same.

Witnesses our hands and seal this 15th day of June, 1857
William P. Garrison (Seal)
William Fields (Seal)

I Certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the Will of William J. Medcalf as appears on file in my office, Saml. A. Martin, Clerk of the County Court of Hamilton County.

Ordered by the Court that Esekiel James M. Bembrook be and he is hereby appointed Guardian of W. A., E. M. & R. J. Metalfs, minor heirs of W. J. Metcalf, ded., untill they shall severally arrive at the age of 14 years.

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