The Will of John A. Hensley
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Date Written: Unknown
Hamilton Co., IL
Will Box 2; File #12
Date of Death: December 10, 1893
Date Filed: January 8, 1894

Typed as written

Last Will and Testament of John A. Hensley

State of Illinois}
Hamilton County}

To whom it may concern:
I hereby make the following disposition of whatever lands, tenements, goods and chattels I may die possessed:

To my son Charles W., I give and bequeath the farm on which I now live, being the South East fourth (1/4) of the North West quarter of Section Number thirty four (34) in Township number four (4) South Range number five (5) East of the 3rd Principal Meridian, in Hamilton County, Illinois, containing forty acres more or less.  Such premises to pass into his possession immediately at my death.

I also give said son one cow and what household goods I may possess at my death, except what belonged to my late wife.  Such goods I hereby bequeath to her children.

To my grandson, Charles Lafavers, I bequeath $125, to be paid when he is twenty one years old, Steve Ervin to pay fifty dollars of that and the reminder to paid out of my estate.

To my other four children, Garret, Sirena, Elijah and James, I give five dollars each, and if there is any remainder, it is to be divided equally among Garret, Sirena and Charles Lafavers. Provided Charles Lafavers should not be living at the time of my death, everything hereby bequeathed to him is to be divided equally among my children and Jane Erwin.

Provided, that said Charles N. Hensley shall support and care for me as long as I live, he is to have the land and property herein devised to him; otherwise, he is not to have it, but Garret Hensley, Charles Lafavers and Sirena Bond shall have $75 each more than in herein before bequeathed to them

Signed: John A. Hensly {Seal}

Attest: Stephen Erwin and James Dickison
Done before me this January 28, 1893.  James C. Goin (seal), Justice of the Peace.

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