The Wills of George and Margaret Vickers McKenzie
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This Will was transcribed by Carol Lee Yarbrough and typed as written.  When in doubt, I have so indicated.


  Will of George McKenzie
White Co., IL

In the Name of God Amen I George McKenzie of the County of White and State of Illinois Being of Sound mind and Memory (blessed by God) do this nineteenth day of February in the Year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and twenty four make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner following that is to say first I bequeth to my beloved wife Margaret McKinzie my plantation with my Stock and other conveniences during her widowhood for the use of and rearing of her children to the years of Twenty one being male or females to the years of eighteen years. My Executors shall use all possible means to educate my children that is common education.  The Names of My children are thus. Samuel Burdoni McKenzie I bequeath him one dollar for ever I having __ him off before.  Alexander H. McKenzie, James Vickers McKenzie, William C. McKenzie, Robert Wesley McKenzie, Jesse B. F McKenzie, Aaron Shelby McKenzie, George W. H. McKenzie, Mary Rebecca McKenzie, Elizabeth Jane McKenzie and Sally W. McKenzie. Should My wife choose to enter in a second marriage I Bequeth to her one third of all my estate during her natural life And at my death I wish that a valuation of every thing be taken so that every child may have an equal Share of my estate as they come of age after deducting out all accounts that I have against my Sons that have left me – I desire that after my death should it not be done before that that my wife deed this plantation of one hundred and twenty Acres (the money I now have by me for that purpose. I do hereby make and ordain my wife Margaret McKenzie and my worthy friend Stephen  Grimes Executor to this my last Will and Testament in witness where of I the said George McKenzie to this my last will and Testament set my hand and seal this day and date above written.  

Signed Sealed and published in the presents of us:  John Bolarjack, Joel Bolerjack and Enose T. Allen.  
Signed G. McKenzie  {Seal}.  

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Estate Settlement

The estate sale was held July 18, 1834 as follows:

James Lasater    one ring & stuple     $ .81 ¼
Isaac Allen    one bell      .87 ½
James V. McKinzie   one rifle-fun   5.00
Margaret McKinzie one ___ hoe     .50
William Riley  one iron wedge    .43 ¾
Robert Millspaugh one log chair  2.50
Margaret McKinzie One D_____   2.00
Robert McKinzie One ___ & guard  3.00
Frederick Mayberry, Junr. One  __ & cradle Cook  1.43 ¾
Margaret McKinzie Two pair haines & tracer  2.50
James V. McKinzie one horse 42.68 ¾
Margaret McKinzie one horse & mare 75.00
Adonigy(?) Grimes one horse wagon 16.68 ½
John G. Millspauh one ox wagon 40.00
William Thomas one yoke steen 34.00
Philemon Baw one cow & calf 11.00
Benjamin Raney one steer  15.00
William Millspaugh one cow   8.25
Margaret McKenzie three young steers 14.00
Margaret McKinzie two young cows 15.00
 " Do man’s one saddle  4.00
 " Do twelve sheep  18.00

We certify the above to be a true account.
July 18th 1834.
Signed: William Riley, Clerk [and] Arden Biggerstaff

There is a note at the bottom that reads is part:…."belonging to Margaret Grimes late Margaret McKenzee paid by me the 22nd Feb 1836.  Stephen Grimes".                                    


Will of Margaret McKinzey
White Co., IL

I Margret McKinzey of White County State of Illinois being weake of body but sound of mind and thought Day of October in the year 1840 Institue and ordain this my Last Will and Testament.  First to Commit my body to the ____ in hopes of a joyfull Resurrection.  Secondly I Institue and ordain and appoint Alexander Mckinzy and James Mckinsey my heirs for Executors to this my Last will and Testament.  Thridly appoint my Executors to pay all my Just ____Debts and all Lawfull ___ and funeral Expences and the Expence of this will and all other Expence appertaining them to them to then what is Left of the proceeds of my property after paying the above with the Exception  __ often mentioned.  I will and bequeath in the following form.  Viz 4 all my children has got their Share from their Father and I wish to Bequeath what I have Controll over to the following names Children. 5th I will and bequeath my old mare known by the Name of Doll to Alexander Mckinzey to him and his heirs I will and bequeath to George W. H. Mckinzy the filly that he now claims but not to sell or trade her without consent of my Executors. 6th I will and bequeath to Aron Shelby Mckinsy all my Right tithe and Claim to the Land I now live on. 7th All my personal property to sold at Puclick Sail Except what I give to my Children. 8th I will and bequeath to Mary Rebecca Mckinzy my Saddle at the appraisment and a bed and beding also to Elisabeth Jane Mckinzy a bed and beding also to Sara Mckinsy Warren a bed and beding 9th all the proceeds of my personal property after paying my dets and Demands to be put to ___ and equally divided between Mary R. Mckinzey, George W. H. Mckinzey, Elisath Mckinzy and Sarrah W. McKinzy the daughters receive at the age of eighteen and my son at twenty one.  I Revock all will or wills _____________heartofore Made to be Still and void given ______ my hand and seal this day and year above written.  Enter  therefore signed………

Margret [X] Mckinzey  [Seal]

John Duvll [X[, John Millspaugh and William Beatty.  

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