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1876 Atlas Family Photos Misc. Unidentified photos

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1876 Illustrated Atlas

Hamilton County: 

J. W. Bradshaw Willis Charles John Coker Aaron G. Cloud  
L. W. Cremeens     Col. H. W. Hall John C. Hall L. Walker

Saline County:

W. E. Brann George W. Brown C. K. Davis
A. W. Durham P. D. B. Grattan John M. Gregg
H. H. Harris John F. Latham Robert Mick
Wm. H. Pankey W. C. Roper John H. Wilson

Family Photos

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Allen & Marsh Families
John Turrentine Anderson (Commander, Co. A, 87th IL)
Warner Pleasant Anderson (2nd Lt., Co. A, 87th IL)
Rev. Charles Atchison family (abt 1907)
Wm. & Mary Baker
The Barnes Boys
Jim & Grace (Harrawood) Beard
Susan Teresa Webb Bell (1872-1963)
Hattie Mayberry Biggerstaff
Mary Elizabeth Willis Biggerstaff (1825-1888)
Carl Cecil Bond
Children of Dawson Bond
John E. Bond (1867-1927)
John and Edith Davis Bond
Leland Ellis Bond (1904-1967)
Lena, Vivas, Leonard Bond
William Leonard Bond  
Edna Bowers
Emma Josephine Green Bowers (1863-1945)
Edward & Pauline (Heard) Bradac (60th Wedding Anniversary)
Mae Maulding Brogan, b. 1883
Joseph Franklin Campbell (1831-1906)
The Joseph Franklin Campbell family (1904)
The Campbell Family - About 1925
Boyce Wayne and Barbara Faye (Reed) Clayton
The William Coker Family
Lafayette & Noel Cook
Louis D. Cooper & Elizabeth J. Thomas Cooper Venters  
Mary Irvin Cooper, b. 1854
The James Marion Cooper Family - abt 1902
The Madison Lafayette Cooper Family - About 1890
Rev. Charlie and Flora Cottingham
George and Mary (Nipper) Counsil
Gilbert and Emily Cross
Roland Cross
Cottingham, Deem, Hale, Trout
James David Council Family (1898)
Sylvester M., Eliza "Ina" M. Campbell & Mary L. Daws
Rebecca Jane Crawford (m.1st York; 2nd Farris)
John R. Cross family - abt 1921
S. A. Daily & family
J. Alfred Davis and family
William Davis (1839-1916)
William Daws (1844-1927)
George Donley (Cpl)

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The family of Charles and Sarah Epperson (taken in 1884)
The family of Sarah Epperson Stelle's taken in 1917
Epperson Kin
Joshua and Elizabeth "Betty" Carr Epperson
John and Pleasant Marion Epperson
Pleasant Marion and Rhoda Barr Epperson
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Erkmann
The Faulkner family in 1915
The Samuel Riley Foster Family in 1894.  Many family names here!
Uriah Foster home *Stands no more
Oscar Gaither home and family
Garrison family gathering 1945
Alma Garrison (1885-1978)
Clarence Garrison & Ethel Turner - 50th Wedding Anniversary
David Marshall Garrison (1920)
Henry Garrison (1904-1980)
Jesse William Garrison & family (1928)
Jesse William and Celia Garrison (1940s)
Marjorie, Barbara and Wilbert Douglas Garrison
Lula Effie (Webber) Garrison (1928)
Lumira Williamson Garrison
Children of James R. S. and Lumira Williamson Garrison
Lumira Williamson Garrison and children
Amy Viola Garrison (1875-1920) and others
Seaman and Sylvania Barnes Garrison
Three Garrison Sisters
Cora Webb Flannigan (1869-1963)
Eliza C. Gates & Twin (1834-1916)
David and Sarah Grigg
Frances and Fred T. Grimes
Alexander J. Gunter (1821-1895)
James B. Gunter h/o Nancy E. Davis (photo & tombstone)
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Gunter
Mary Franics (Gunter) Carr & John Carr Maulding
Mose McCord Hall (abt 1917)

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James Arthur Hamilton 1918
Children of James Rufus Hamilton  1918
Mary Jane Vickers Hardesty Family
Isaac and Eliza Harrawood
The family of Willis & Julia Harrawood
Harrawood Family gathering- 1917
Harrawoods - 1923
The Harrelsons
James Nathaniel and Elizabeth Hayes Harrelson
John Hays (1818-1892) and Ann Townsend (1824-1889)
Lewis Bill Hays Family
Roy Hardesty of Broughton
Richard and Amanda Broyles Heard
Beatrice Hefner
Charles W. and Noma Vickers Hefner
John Jefferson Helms & Thomas Nelson Southwood
McAlister Agnew and Elizabeth Cottingham Hooker
The McAllister Hooker family  Two photos here: 1880 & 1896
The McAllister Hooker home (still standing)
James Devore "Doc" and Clara Trotter Hooks
Bessie and Tessie Hughes(abt 1905)
Henry & Chester Hunt
Hettie Easter Hunt
Wilford Hunt
William & Sarah Russell Hunt
The Hunt Boys: George M.; Wm. A.; Robert H.; Charles, Medley A.; Pascal A.
Clarence and Marie (Rich) Hutchcraft
Clyde, Clarence, John and Rachel Hutchcraft
Clyde and Ella Bond Hutchcraft
Clyde Hutchcraft, Howard Johnson, Frank Johnson, Olin Koger, Willie Woods
Fred & Bessie (Wilkerson) Hutchcraft -1914
John, E. Stella and Thomas Edward Hutchcraft
Johnnie, Celia, Pearl, Madge and Maxie Hutchcraft
Oscar and Ida Clark Hutchcraft
William and Charlie Hutchcraft
Hutchcrafts in 1916
The Hutchcraft boys: James, Wayne and Willard
Otis and Pearl Hutchcraft Turner
The Thomas Edward Hutchcraft family
Sidney O. Ingram
William and Florence Irwin
William (b. 1828) & Simeon (b. 1865) Irvin (2 photos)
Letha, Robert and Ruth Johnson (children of Guy Johnson)
James A. Johnson and family abt 1888
James Washington and Mary Polly Braden Johnson
Robert Marshall Johnson (1906-1976)
William M. and Mary C. (Williams) Johnson

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The family of George Parrish Knight
John W. Knight (1829-1923) with daughters of George P. Knight
Arthur and Grace McKinzie Lasater
Family of Jonathan Wellington Lasater (1920)
John Logan and Minnie Rose Johnson Lasswell
Vacle McGill Lasswell
Mary Malinda Hart Ledford
George and Zona Vickers Linn
William L. Mansell (1812-1876)
Marsh & Allen Families
Lorenzo Dow Maulding 1852-1911)
Chester Mayberry
David K. & Elizabeth Smith Mayberry
David K. Mayberry & Family
Ida & Sherman Mayberry
The McGills
Benjamin Franklin McGill
Benjamin and Maggie Pittman McGill
Iron Russell and Rittie McGill
Ellander Mariah Reed McGill
James Ira McGill
John and Louis Coffey McGill Family
The McGhee Family
Moses McCord McGhee
Andrew and Oma Myers w/family
The family of Francis Mitchell
Alfred and Adelaine Metcalf MOORE
William Sylvester & Nancy Hannah McMahan - Mystery 
America McElvain McMahan (1848-1901)
Alice (Pierce) O'Bryan
John and Bessie (Hughes) O'Bryan 1913
Sylvester and Alic Pierce O'Bryan
Dr. Orvil O'Neal (1883-1953)

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The Parkhill Family Reunion 1941
Parkhill photos can be found in the Parkhill genealogy...many here.
Estelle Garrison Perry (1873/1931)
James and Milton Perry
Hulbert, Jim and Milton Perry
Anderson Buell & Roxie (Stinson) Porter's family
Elizabeth Gross Rambo
Joseph & Sarah (Harrawood-Mayberry) Rambo
Lorena Rambo
Margaret Rambo
Sarah (Harrawood-Mayberry) Rambo
Andrew Rankin
James Lewis Rankin
Grandpa James Ray's Birthday party guests
Reed Family Reunion (1947/48)
David Wesley Reed and Mary Bond Reed w/dau Carrie
Don, Belle, Elsie and Laymon Reed w/o children
Eliza Caroline (McGill) Reed
Mary Lawrence Bond Reed
Mary Bond Reed with brother, John Bond
John William Reed
John William Reed & family
William Hubert Reed
William Hubert and Eliza Caroline (McGill) Reed.
Charles & Lillie Ann Tedford Rich
The family of Charles and Lillie Tedford Rich
Ella, Clara, Alta and Margaret Rich
Jeremiah & Pernecia Marsh Rich
William Terrel and Charles Loran Rich
William and Jemina (Molly) Rich
Albert and Suda (Goodrich) Richards - Group wedding photo
Harrison and Eliza Evelyn (Prince) Richards
Pearl Grigg Rogers  
Lawrence Arley and Minnie McGILL Russell
Elisha, Jr. and Sarah "Sallie" (Gordon)  Sanders
John Sanders (1843-1924)
William Washington Sanders
Lucretia Alice Woodruff Sanders
Walter and Anna Elizabeth (Sloan) Sanders
Wilmore Sanders
Wilmore and Sarah Hines Sanders
John Ruben and Sophia Esther Stevens SCOTT
Emanuel Sigler and family - abt 1922
Peter and Ruth Hart Sinks
Annie Bell Smith
George and Mattie Smith
Sodders: George W., Eliza J. Deitz & Edward W. Sodders
Rosa White Southard
Adeline Belle Helms Malone Southwood & Lela Gladys Malone
Alice Wilkey and Susan "Ethel" Standerfer.
Job & Rebecca Trotter Standerfer
John "Trap" & Elizabeth Lovin Rogers Standerfer
George and Favilla Steele
Eliza Coker Stelle and daughters (1870s)
John Patterson Stelle's family (1870s)
John Patterson and Eliza Coker Stelle
Patsy Parrish Stelle
Pauline Stinson and Opal Trotter - Best Friends!
John and Lena (Tedford) Stockel
Martha Elzina Siibbitt Heady Summersand & daughter

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George Washington Taylor
Gilbert Leo Taylor & family
Mary B. Taylor
Tedford sisters: Susan Jane and Lillie Anne
James, Vada and Frank Tedford
Jobe and Dora Holland Tedford
John and Austin Tedford
The Thomas Brothers
Heanon Trammel & Francis M. Perry (Cousins)
Lucy Mayberry Trobough & son Francis
Bobby and Mabel Bond Trout
Bobby and Mabel Trout celebrating with family
Hershel, Bobby & Mabel Trout
Abraham and Frankie Thompson Truesdell
Frankie D. Thompson Truesdell (1853-1914)
Otis and Pearl Hutchcraft Turner
The Underwood Family - 1935 - Reunion
Alvira Jane Mayberry Vickers
Easton, Effie and Erastus Vickers
Effie and Nancy Vickers
Erastus and Ada Bell Foster Vickers
Erastus O. and Arlene Vickers
Erastus O. Vickers and family
Erastus R. Vickers (1873-1939)
Margerate Russell Vickers
Marion W. Vickers at work!
Marion W. Vickers
Marion W. and Evelyn Tate Vickers
Marion and Evelyn Vickers w/children
Richard Vickers
William Otis "Vick" Vickers
Zona Vickers
L. C. Waller's 91st birthday celebration in 1925 - Flannigan Twp families
William J. Waller (1824-1880)
The Walton's
E. Watson Farm (1916)
Sarah Ann Mitchell-Webb (1830-1913)
Louis and Mary (Tillman) Webber (1945)
Bessie Wilkerson (1895-1982)
Roy and Ruth (Trotter) Wilkerson
Dr. Joseph S. Williams
James Willis (1868-?)
Jim and Tom Willis with Willie Laws
Emily Catharine Wallace Winkler
The Winkler Boys
Benjamin Franklin Witters (1852-1919) Photo & Obit
John W. Witters (1890-1967)
Rock Wollitz
Branson and Margaret Davis York
The James York Family
A link to more great photos of the Yorks

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Miscellaneous Photos

(Wanted: pictures of old businesses in Hamilton Co.)

Allen's Cafe in Dahlgren, Illinois (late 1920s)
The Good Old Days! (Boyles, Zelhart, Carr, Boster, Gibbs & Miller) 
Ella Opal Bond with unidentified friends
Church in Aden, Illinois
Dahlgren Log Cabin.
Church gathering abt 1920
Another Gathering
Another church gathering?
Puttin' up hay in Braden Valley 1906
Group photo: Turner, Porter, Bond, Smith, Hayden, Fields, Hutchcraft, Perry, Hall, Green, Clark, Grady
Group photo - Happy times!
Three Young Ladies (Reed, Bishop, Campbell) 
Three Young Men (Williams, Tedford, Hooker)
Five young Ladies (Hood, Campbell, Harrison, Allen, Sutton) 
Eleven Ladies in 1917 (Green, Plasters, Drake, Zelhart, Johnson, Boster, Gobbs, Drake) 
John Anderson's desk where country corporations were signed (1823)
Typical automobile of McLeansboro - 1937
Street scenes in Old Dahlgren
  Baseball Team 1941
Courthouse - Hamilton Co. (From old postcard with 1 stamp!)
Daniel Barbee GAR Post of Sugar Camp before 1895
George Donley's Cattle farm
Elders Manufacturing Company
The farm of Randall Golsom during Depression
Friends - Harrawood, Mayberry, Short, Morris
Lower Hills Choir - A. B. Harbarger
Old General Store in Dahlgren (Grigg)
Old General Store in Dahlgren (Grigg - another view)
Griggs Store - Dahlgren, IL
Hutchcraft's old home
The Illinois Brokerage - abt 1950
The Judd Hotel and the Judd family
McLeansboro's baseball team -- The Merchants
M E Church - McLeansboro
Early businessmen of Hamilton County
McLeansboro - Days of old
McLeansboro - Days of old II
Mt. Olivet Church 1940
Mt. Olivet Adult Sunday School Class abt 1970
Mt. Olivet Sunday School Class - after 1970
Hog killin' time!
Main Street, McLeansboro, IL - 1912
Nursing Home employees 1915
Parkhill's Gas Station, Restaurant and Barbershop
The Old Picture House - McLeansboro, IL
Railroad Gang (Hamilton County)
Railroad Gang II (before 1909)
Sawmill at Hawkins Place
Signs of the Times - R. P. Gill place between 1880-1890
Softball team
Train depots in Hamilton County
Tucker's Corner
Fun on the Square
McLeansboro Square 1930
McLeansboro street paving 1908

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Unidentified Photos

If you can identify these photos, please contact me.

2 Unidentified Children
3 Unknown Women
Unknown Lady
Another Unknown Lady
Married 50 years - Who were they?
Mt. Carmel young men? Who were they?
Unknown Family
Unidentified General Store
The Lady in the torn dress
Five young men
Unknown group photo
Unknown lady - Vickers or Foster?

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