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Frankie D. (Thompson) Truesdell
1876 Photo
Contributed by Joan Benner Luby.  Thanks, Joan!


Frankie D. Thompson Truesdell


          FRANKIE  D. THOMPSON TRUESDELL-Pictured in her Wedding clothes at the age of twenty-three.  Frankie married Abraham Allen Truesdell in her father’s home in Thakeray, IL on November 3, 1876. 

          Born in Beaver Creek, Hamilton Co., IL on November 14, 1853 Frankie was the ninth child of Lewis Thompson and Martha “Patsy” Sexton-Thompson. 

           With at least one child in her arms Frankie and Abraham moved to Kansas.  Then in 1894, with eight children, the family moved to Pawnee County, OK.  The land near the Cimarron Trail was acquired in the Cherokee Land Run.  While waiting for their house to be built they all lived in a tent.

           Two more children were born.  The last one being my Grandmother Molly Truesdell Benner. 

           Frankie taught school to the children in the area until a teacher was hired.  Family history says she was a very caring and hard working lady, befriended the Indians, helped care for the sick and dying.  More than once she assisted neighbors in childbirth.  When Abraham went to town one or two Indians (most likely Pawnee) would keep watch over the homestead until he returned, making sure Frankie was all right.  They were also known to walk into her kitchen in anticipation of receiving some food or even purchasing one of the children whom was chubby and cute.

          Once again Abraham decided to move, so they traveled by train to Florida. A few other members of the family relocated also.  Frankie died in 1914 and Abraham in 1922, both died in FL and their bodies were sent back for burial to Maramec, OK.

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