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Contributed by Crystal B. Cisco.  Thanks, Crystal!

Martha Elzina Sibbit Heady Sumersand
with daughter, Anna Elzina Heady Erkmann.

Second photo she is pictured with her eldest son, 
Dexter Dewitt Heady and her youngest daughter,
Mrs. Anna Elzina Heady Erkman.
This photo was taken on the Heady Erkmann farm in


Martha Elzina Siibbitt lived in Hamilton County, IL just west of the Coal Mine in rural McLeansboro.  She was married to Winfield Scott Heady and lived her married life in Tower Hill, Shelby Co., Illinois, until the death of her husband Scott Heady.  Scott died while helping to build the Methodist Church in Tower Hill.  He was working on the belfry and fell causing his death.  After the death of her husband packed up her four children, Dexter Dewitt Heady, Harry Jackson Head, Edith Pearl Heady and Anna Elzina Heady, and moved to McLeansboro, Illinois.  Martha's two sons, ages 11 and 15, built the home there with their own hands.  This farm was handed down to Martha's daughter, Anna Elzina Heady, after her marriage to John T. Erkmann.  The two of them lived at the farm their entire married life and raised a large family there, three boys and five girls.  After Martha's children were grown, she met and married Mr. Shannon Summers, moving to his home in Dale, Illinois.  Upon the death of her second husband, in her old age, she moved back to the Heady Erkmann farm to live the remainder of her life with her daughter and family.  Martha died December 5, 1950 and, upon her request, was brought back to Tower Hill to lay in rest with her first husband, Winfield Scott Heady.

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