Old Photos

Contributed by Darlene Shawn.  Thanks, Darlene!

 William Sylvester Scott and his wife, Nancy Hannah McMahan Scott and
Granddaughter, Vakel Livingston
Picture taken abt 1910

William Sylvester Scott was born 3 Aug 1860 in White County, IL to Meander and Harriett Tressie Douglass Scott (his 2nd wife).  William married Nancy Hannah McMahan in Hamilton Co., IL on 15 Sept 1879.  She was the daughter of Reuben and American Ann McElvain McMahan. Nancy was born 19 Mar 1860 in Hamilton Co., IL.  

Both Reuben and American McMahan are buried in the New Prospect Cemetery in Hamilton County, IL.

Vakel Livingston was the daughter of Esta Ann Scott and William Daniel Livingston who were married in Hamilton County on 17 June 1904.

Mystery:  The lapel pins that each members of the photo are wearing, are pins that have the swastika emblem with some writing around the pins.  The Illinois Genealogy Society thinks they might have been used by the Klu Klux Klan.  The swastika emblem was used for a Christian symbol before the time of Hitler's use of the symbol.  Does someone know what these pins represented?

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