Old Photos

John Jefferson Helms
Thomas Nelson Southwood

*Photo contributed by Leah Routien (Omak, WA).  Thanks, Leah!

John Jefferson Helms

John Jefferson Helms was born June 15, 1851 in Monroe Co., TN.  He and his wife, Martha Matilda, came to Hamilton Co., IL in 1880 via a wagon train with several other emigrants.  They settled in Crook Township where they operated a sawmill, molasses mill and owned peach orchards.  They were members of the New Hope Baptist Church.

John is on the right and his son-in-law, Thomas Nelson Southwood, is on the left.  Thomas and John J. had been out squirrel hunting all morning and came back with quite a bounty.  John's granddaughter, age 4, was very upset that her father and grandfather had been hunting.  Her father stated, "Well, what do you want me to do about this, Jeanne, shoot your Grandfather?"  Thus the photo, taken in 1929.

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