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The Moses McCord MeGhee Family

Contributed by Joe Hall.  Thanks, Joe!

The Moses McCord McGhee Family
 Hamilton County, IL 

The back of the photo reads:

Moses McCord McGhee, b. August 31,. 1844; d. April 21, 1919
+ Mary Leathers, b. December 2, 1842; d. December 16, 1923

Their Children:

Phoebe Elizabeth, b. October 10, 1865; d. May 9, 1944
+ George Hall

+ Liza Flannigan

Their Children:
Richard, Moses Layman, John Flora, Elzade


+ ??    Clyde

Emma (Emmer) + Akin
Children: Gracie, Walter, Emma, Elfrie Izaman, Robert, Helen

= Moore
Their Children: Cartha, Raymond???

Annie never married, died young

Archie, b. January 28, 1875; d. September 11, 1889

Letha + Wallter
Their Children: Lena, Willie Joe

Anna, Mary, 

Grace died young

Florida + Smith

Ola + ? 10 children

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