Old Photos

The Family of Charles and Sarah Obedience Epperson
September 6, 1919 - McLeansboro, IL
Photo taken in celebration of Sarah Obedience Cross Epperson Stelle's 88th birthday.

Contributed by Nancy Taul.  Thanks, Nancy!

Top row - L to R: Grace Epperson, Roxie Carr, Zoah Epperson, Ermel Echols, Thelma Epperson, Vacal Epperson Williams and baby, Louise and Joshua Epperson, Clarence Echols and Charlie Hood.

Second row: Grace Kniffen Epperson, Rose Boyer Epperson, Rhoda Barr Epperson, Hattie Epperson Survant, Fannie Harlan Strotuner, Sarah ____; Betty Carr Epperson, Mary Guill Epperson, Chloe Epperson Echols, Lola Epperson Hood.

Third row: William Joseph, Ruby Elbert, Pleasant Marion, Sarah (Cross) Epperson Stelle, Joshua Voltaire, John Wesley, Elmira Obedience Epperson Carr.

Bottom row: Harold Epperson; Clyde Echols, Ernest Hood (one of Mira's grandchildren), Virginia Hood, Mary Belle Williams (Vacal's oldest).

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