Old Photos

Contributed by Mary Glover.  Thanks, Mary


James David Counsil was the son of Clutchings and Sarah (Ford) Counsil
His wife, Sarah Angeline (Proctor) Counsil was the daughter of John J.
and Meria Jane (Blades) Proctor.

This photo was taken in 1898 in Equality or Cypress Junction, IL

Top Row, l to r: Noah Proctor, Unknown Proctor, _______, Julie Proctor, ______,
______unknown boy, Charles Counsil,____unrelated Jennings, ______, _______.

Middle Row, l to r: ______, Rachaaael (Gholson) Counsil, Ethel Ellen Counsil (Heimer), John Granklin Counsil, Earl Counsil, Sarah Angeline (Proctor) Counsil, Wilfred Counsil, James David Counsil, Proctor (brother of Sarah Angeline, Proctor child (4), Mrs. Proctor.

Bottom Row, l to r: _____, Jim Counsil, Ellis Franklin Counsil, Ettie Proctor, _____, ____Jennings,
______, _______, ______Proctor

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