Foremost Business Men of Dahlgren, Ill.

This photo comes from an unknown Newspaper and it's not dated.   The picture is taken in front of the Alligator Hotel in Dahlgren, Illinois between the years 1908-1920.  It is noted that the wall Kennedy Grocery can be seen in the far left.

  Front Row (Left to Right)

Lewis Kuykendall, Mr. Hook, Greg Jenkins, Sol Aydt, Charles Gamble, Billy Gamble, Walter Rawls, Dr. Koones, M. D., Dr. Whited, M. D., Roscoe Winkler, Dick Oglesby, Dr. Creemens, M. D.

Second Row (Left to Right Standing)

Cal Dulaney, Joe Giltz, Mr. Koones, Jack Lowery, Dr. Logan, Dentist, J. P. Stelle, John Going, Charles Aydt, ?, T. D. Rhodes, Mr. Snodsmith, Same Sharp, Mr. Rhodes, Harry Spicer.

Third Row (Right to Left)

Charles Bowen, Rob Aydt, Lawrence Aydt, Omer Goin, Ed Mitchel, Charles Porter, Will Allen, Preacher Cravans, Al Campbell, Oscar Aydt, E. Z. Cates, Ed Sawyar, John Clark, George Boster, Ottie Burton, Bill Harshberger, Arthur Jines.

Back on Porch (Right to Left)

Jasper Goin, Homer Maulding, Preacher Harmes, Charlie DeWitt, Charles Glenn, Charles Goin.

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