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Elders Manufacturing Company.

From: Illinois Magazine; February 1978.

This company's relation to McLeansboro and the county dates back to 1919.  The Commercial Club of McLeansboro was responsible for the plant being located here.  The first permanent building that housed that plant stood on North Washington Street near the railroad.

The factory began operations in temporary quarters in the Goodrich brick on the east side of the public square.  In September, 1920 they occupied the new building near the railroad.  The company outgrew the first building and a new structure was erected at the corner of Cherry Street and Rowan Drive, which was occupied in the autumn of 1956.

The main production through the years has been men's and boys' shirts.  However, their first production in the original permanent quarters was men's summer underwear.

Elders Manufacturing Company in August 1928
McLeansboro, Hamilton County, IL 

The arrow points to Elizabeth Faulkner Simmons Tyler.

This building was torn down in 1998 and the business is no longer in operation.

Contributed by Richard Zelhart.  Thanks Richard!

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