Old Photos

The Family of Charles and Sarah Obedience Epperson
June 1, 1884

Contributed by Nancy Taul.  Thanks, Nancy!

Standing, L to R: Sarah Obedience (54); James C. "Jack" Harlan, holding Charles Davis, his son;  Pleasant Marion (34); Joshua Voltaire (32); John Wesley (30); James Christopher (28); Charles Davis (26); Wilburn Carr; Ruby Elbert (19); Kelen Theodore (18); William Joseph (14).

The Wives are seated directly in front of their husbands.

Second row: Charles (57); Tabita Angelina Epperson Harlan, with her infant Harlie; Rhoda Barr Epperson, hold Loa (2); with John W. (7) in front; Elizabeth "Betty" Carr Epperson (sister of Wilburn), with Oda standing on her left; Mary Guill Epperson, holding Chloe (2), with Fernando (5) standing on her left; Elizabeth "Betty" Cloar Epperson, with Hattie (4); Lou Jewell Epperson, Elmira Epperson Carr (24) holding her oldest child, Vollie.

The young girl at the extreme right, leaning against her Uncle Joe and holding his hand is Sarah, daughter of Marion and Rhoda; she died shortly afterward, as did Oda.

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