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Lemuel Jackson Standifer [Biography]

William Chappell Standifer, b. 1873 [Biography]

William Henderson Standifer [Biography]

Walter S. and John H. Standifer [Biography]

Thomas Quincy Stanford [Obituary]

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Benjamin P. Sandefur 1852- [Biography]

Henry M. Sandefur 1856-[Biography]

Dr. J. B. Sandefur  1836- [Biography]

 Patrick J. Sandefur 1830-  [Biography]

James C. Stanford 1842- [Biography]

F. J. Moore (Father of Mary Moore, m. to LeRoy Standifer)

John A. Kennon (Son of J. A. and Martha A. Standefer Kennon)

J. Logan Smith (h/o Lucinda Stanford)

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Admer Nelson Standiford [Biography]

David W. Standeford [Biography, b. 1830]

Samuel "Harry" Standefer, A Tribute

Edward Roberson Taylor [Biography - Sandford]

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 George Bliss Sanford [Biography]
    Cavalry Officer & Indian fighter

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Ralph Benjamin Sandiford [Biography]

Daniel Benjamin Sandford [Biography] Great photo here!

Three Standifer Physicians - Doctors W. M. Standifer, W. B. Standifer, J. G. Standifer
(Updated 2/16//00: Photos added!)


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Abram Hurd Standefer (1815-1902) [Obituary]

Ally Z. Standefer (1918-1994) [Obituary]

Charles E. Standefer (1918-1993) [Obituary]

Clarence M. Standefer (1910-1997) [Obituary]

Isham Standefer (1846-1928) [Obituary]

James Kenneth Lee Standefer (1917-1997) [Obituary]

Job (Jobe) Standerfer (1802-1890) [Obit/cem.]

 Jobe Standerfer (1851-1920) [Obit/cem.]

 John Burrister Standerfer (1830-1914) [Bio/cem]

Kenneth R. Standefer (1914-1991) [Obituary]

Marshall G. Standefer (1925-1990) [Obituary]

Robert Standerfer (1867-1944) [Obit/cem.]

Robert K. Standefer (1923-1990) [Obituary]

Samuel Standefer (1854-1917) [Obituary]

Samuel Charles Standerfer (1860-1926) [Obit/cem]

George Washington Standiford (b. 1846 Hardin Co., KY)

John Chrisnall [Biography - wife a Sandiford]

Uriah Converse [Biography &Obituary - m. to Minerva Standefer]

William Edmund Fair [Obituary - m. Theosdosia Standefer]

Benjamin F. Piper [Obituary - m. to Belle Standifer]

James Howard Piper [Obituary] (grandson of Alfred Standefer)

Charles W. Swain [Biography; re. Standerford]

David Talbott [Biography] *Standiford

George M. Killam [Biography] *Standiford/Standifer

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Oliver H. Sandifur (b.1824)[Biography]

Abram G. Standiford (1816-1894) [Biography]

Aquilla Standifird [Obit/Biography]

William J. Sanford, (b. 1863) [Biography]

William R. Sanford [Biography]

William F. Standiford (b. 1850) [Biography]

John R. Beard [Biography] Husband of Emma C. Standeford

William R. Walker (b. 1830) [Grandson of William Standerford]

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 Hiram B. Standiford [Biography]

John W. Stanford [Biography]

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Jerome B. Sanford [Biography]

 John C. Standford [Biography]

John B. Sandford [Biography]

John L. Sandford , b. 1837[Biography]

L. M. Sandford [Biography]

T. A. Sandford [Biography]

Thomas Sandford [Biography]

William N. Sanford [Biography]

Judge Nicholas Sandifer [Autobiography]

 David Standifer [Biography]

Dr. Elisha David Standiford  [Biography] New birth info. here.
A man of great accomplishment!  (Photos)

William Standiford  (see home site) Biography]

Judge John L. Stanford, b. 1823 [Biography]

James Henry Bowden [Biography]
Refers to Lee Sandifer, daughter of Nicholas Sandifer

George L. Danforth [Biography]
Father-in-law to Florence Standiford

James Clinton Davis, b. 1834 [Biography]
h/o Mary, widow of George W. Sanderford

Rev. Algernon Edwards [Biography]
Husband of Lucy Ann Sandefur

George Alonzo Likins [Biography] 
Husband of Eliza Sandefur

Dr. W. S. Mullins   [Biography]
Refers to Lucy Sandifer, 1784-1856

Francis M. Pharis, b. 1842 [Biography]
Son of Adeline Sanderford

Dr. Henry Preston Sights [Biography]
Parents: James J. and Annie R. Sanderfur Sights

Rev. John Whitaker [Biography]
Father of Hannah, who married Ephraim Standiford

Rev. Edward Talbott [Biography] *Standiford, Wm. & Elizabeth

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Major James W. Sandiford [Biography]

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 James A. Standiford [Biography] Photo here!

Dennis Hitchcock Standiford [Biography]

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George Washington Heard [1793-1863] Biography - s/o John and Sarah Staniford Heard

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Charles Arthur Standiford [b. 1866, son of James and Sarah Lee Carter; grandson of Clement] Biography

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 Peter Sandifer [Biography]

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George W. Sanford [Biography]

John F. A. Sanford [Biography]
*Dred Scott vs. Sanford

James Baker [Biography] * Standiford

John F. Ridgway [Biography] * Staniford

John I. Peavler [Biography] *Standiford/Standifer

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Ben F. Stockwell [Biography]
* Standeford

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New York

Leland Sanford [Biography] 1824-1893

Hinchley Gilbert Mitchell [Biography - Stanford]

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North Carolina

Richard Sanford [Biography] 1767-1816

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Smith Sanford [Biography]

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Wesley Matthias Stanford 

George W. Parlette [Biography] *Standiford

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South Dakota

 John H. Sanford[Biography]

Edwin P. Sanford [Biography]

Frank B. Roberts [Biography]
(Father-in-law to M. G. Standeford)

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Alfred K. Standefer [Biography]

James Standifer (1779-1831) The would-be President!
New info. re James Israel Standifer's parentage! Click here.
Click here to view James Standifer's Speech to Congress - 1830

Nelson Randolph Standefer (b. 1925)

Robert Lequire Standefer (b. 1909)

Rufus E. Standefer, M. D. [Biography]

Thomas Alexander Standifer  [Biography/Lineage]

Thomas Roger Standifer [Biography]

William Israel Standifer (1801) [Biography]

Three Standefer brothers: Walter "Bud", Guy M. and Paul Standefer  

John and Sarah Standifer Clack [Biography-Lineage]

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Jefferson Davis Sandefer, b. 1868 [Biography]

Thomas Sandifer, b. 1846 [Biography]

James W. Sandifer, b.1838 [Biography]

Isaac Standefer (1801-1855) [Biography]

Isaac Mayfield Standifer [Biography]

Israel Standefer (1781-1852) [Biography]

Israel Skelton Standefer (1834-1913) [Biography]

James W., William B. and Jacob L. Standefer
(Three Brothers)

Jessee Marshall Standifer, 1810 [Biography]

Mordecai Houston Standefer, 1837-1016 [Biography]

Samuel J. (1845-1916) and LeRoy (1866-1928)Standefer - The Sands of Time

J. William "Bill" Standifer (1853-1903)  THE PROTECTION MAN

William R. Standefer, b. 1852 [Biography]

Seth Phineas Mills [Biography] Husband of Margaret Frances Standifer

John Litton (Husband of Sarah Standifer) [ Biography]

Robert Francis Sampson (s/o James Walker and Elvira Flowers Sanderfer Sampson) [Biography]

Patrick E. Lively (h/o Mary M. Standifer)

Benjamin Gage [Biography]*James Standifer

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John Norman and John Matthew Clark
   (Husband & son of Eliza Branch Sandifer) *Great photo

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West Virginia

John Crow (Standiford)

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Jefferson J. Standifer [Biography] (8/23/04)
     Had a pet grizzly and was "as brave as a lion!"

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