"He Stands Ever"

 William F. Standiford, M. D.

Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From the book History of LaPorte County, Indiana, 1880, p.803.

Wm. F. Standiford.  William was born in LaPorte county, Indiana, July 30, 1850, and is a son of Dr. Abram G. and Martha Standiford, of Westville. He was educated in the Westville High School.  He read medicine under his father and graduated at the Rush Medical College, of Chicago, January 17, 1832.  He practiced for ten months in the Cook County Hospital, where he had superior advantages of learning in the art of surgery.  He began practice in Westville in 1873, but soon after went to Texas.  He remained there seven months, and in the fall of 1874 he went to Indianapolis, where he engaged in the practice of his profession until 1877.  He then returned to Westville, where he has his father's practice, who is now too old and feeble for very active service in the profession.   He was married February 25, 1876, to Miss Annie E. Flood.

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