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 David Standifer

 From A History of Kentucky Baptists From 1769 to 1885 by J. H. Spencer, Vol. II, p. 178; Shelby County.

David Standifer was a prominent member of Brashears Creek church, as early as 1803. He was usually a messenger to the Association, and appears to have been an active member of that body. His preaching gifts were not above medium, at any time, and were slow of development. He appears to have been of a practical, business turn, and was a judicious actor rather than a fluent speaker. He must have been considerable advanced in life before he entered the ministry. He was ordained at Brashears Creek, about September 1823, and succeeded James McQuade, Sr., [sic] in the pastoral office, in that church. He occupied this position several years. He preached the introductory sermon before Long Run Association in 1829. His labors in the Lord's vineyard, appear to have ceased not far from 1832. E. D. Standifer, M.D., the well-known railroad magnate is his son. 

Note: Although the biography states that David Standifer (Standiford) was the father of E. D. Standifer, he was not.  This may be the David Standiford, whose partial will is listed on the KY Will section (Jefferson Co., KY).  If so, this David Standifer was the uncle of E. D. Standiford, MD.

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William Standiford

From: Fern Creek: Lore & Legacy 200 years; written and compiled by the Fern Creek Woman's Club.

William Standiford and the above David Standiford were possible brothers.  David was a guardian for James Standiford's son.  William Standiford was born in 1790 and died May 11, 1857.  His wife was Elizabeth, born in 1798 and died May 11, 1848.   He and David came to Kentucky very early.  The owned much land which was granted Mr. Standiford for participation in the Revolutionary War. Standiford Field (Louisville, KY Airport) carries this family name after E. D. Standiford. William and Elizabeth had issue: James  L; Jacob L.; William H.  (See Cemetery Records)

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