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The Kentucky Commission certification declaring the William Standiford home place a Kentucky landmark.

Jefferson County, Kentucky

Bullet4.gif (880 bytes) From the Fern Creek Lore & Legacy "200 Years", by the The Fern Creek Woman's Club:

p. 53: "Among the most interesting old homes which form a definite part of the early history of this community is the old Standiford home. This is one of the oldest homes still occupied in this area.  It is certainly to be considered among the earliest to be built in Kentucky after Kentucky became a state in 1792.  Family records indicate that the house was built in 1798 upon land received by a grant of 700 acres in 1779 for service in the Revolutionary War."

"This home has been remodeled and modernized and may be seen upon the crest of a hill over-looking the surrounding country.  The house was originally approached by an old road running along Fern Creek, but is now accessible through the main avenue of Stone Bluff Subdivision."

" The large two-story house is partially of log construction with two large exposed chimneys at either end.  It is entered through a center hall with large rooms on either side.  A curving stair leads to the three bedrooms above.  The kitchen extends in the back of on of the rooms and this has been connected across the back of the house with a long glassed-in breezeway.  An arrowhead found buried in the walls gives mute testimony to the happenings in its early history.:

"The ownership was handed down through succeeding generations until recently.  The generations of the Standiford family covered a period of 170 years.   Only two years previous to this writing was the house sold to a person other than the descendants of the Standiford family."

"It is interesting to note that two other family homes, which are still being used, were built by this family upon the original land which was in the grant to William Standiford: one for his son, James Lytle, in 1850, located on Ferndale Road now and the other built by Roger Bates family and presently owned by the Earl Montgomery family.  These homes are fine examples of homes built around one hundred years ago.:

"Names that appear in the ownership of these homes are as follows: James Lytle Standiford, Betty Standiford Bates, wife of Casner Bates, Rogers Moreman Bates, Tye Bates Groves, wife of Thom Groves, Henry Groves, Sr., Henry Groves, Jr., Wallace Standiford and James Byron Standiford"


David Standiford and William Standiford were possibly brothers.   David was a guardian for James Standiford's son.  William Standiford was born in 1790 and died May 11, 1857.  His wife was Elizabeth, born in 1798 and died February 14, 1848.  He and David came to Kentucky very early.  Standiford Field (Louisville Airport) carries this family name after E. D. Standiford.

William Standiford m. Elizabeth. Children:

James Standiford: Children

1. Betty Standiford

2. William Wallace Standiford m. Ida Maple. Children:

    a. James Byron Standiford m. Adelaide Connella. Children:   

        1. Hugh Boyd Standiford m. Dorothy Stivers

        2. James Lane Standiford m. Virginia Kraft

        3. Elizabeth Standiford

    b. William Olin Standiford m. Hazel Skaggs. Children:

        1. Della Mae Standiford m. R. F. Clark. Children:

            1a. Saundra Jean Clark

            1b. Spannye Kaye Clark.

        2. William Olin Standiford, Jr. m. Ivetta Cunningham. Children:

            Two children died young.           

            2a. William Allen Standiford

            2b. Gary Wayne Standiford m. Leona. Child:

                    1. Gary Wayne Standiford, Jr. m. Lillian Ann Riley

        3. Della Leah Standiford m. Crenshaw. No children.

Notes: Betty went to live with her grandfather, William Standiford and when he died he left her the farm (now Stone Bluff Subdivision).  Betty married Casner Bates and within two years she died and he remarried.  Casner Bates m. 2nd Jessie Robertson.

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This is a front view of the home.  Picture taken in 1997.  The home was restored in 1995.

Note: The Standiford Family graveyard is on common grounds across the street from the Standiford place (once part of the estate). 

For these tombstones records, see Cemetery Records - Kentucky.

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