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 Ralph Benjamin Sandiford

 From: The Confederate Veteran, Vol. XV, p. 85 (1907)

Ralph Benjamin Sandiford died in Oxford July 17, 1906.  He was born on St. Helena Island, S. C., July 1, 1837.  He entered the Confederate service with the Oglethorpe Light Infantry of Savannah which became Company B, 8th Georgia Volunteers, and served in the Army of Northern Virginia.  This, it is said, was the first company in all the South that offered its services to President Davis for the war.   It was mustered into service May 21, 1861, and surrendered at Appomattox, having taken part in forty-one battles.

Comrade Sandiford received a severe flesh wound in his thigh December 11, 1864.   He refused to make known to the surgeon the full extent of his injury, and in a short time, with the aid of a crutch, he walked about seventy miles to rejoin his regiment.  When Lee and Johnston had surrendered, he walked to Savannah.  Mr. Sandiford would have been promoted by one who occupied a high position in the War Department of the Confederacy, but he respectfully declines.

He was married April 23, 1877, at St. Mary's Ga., to Jennie G. Burns.  After the mother of his children died, he devoted himself entirely to the work of rearing them properly, and he acted the part of both father and mother.  He led a quiet Christian life, knew no town gossip, was very charitable in word and deed.  He was always prompt in meeting his obligations.  He left a small legacy to the colored woman who had served the family faithfully for some years.

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