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James Henry Sandiford, the son of James Sandiford and his second wife, Elizabeth, was born December 8, 1795, on St. Helena Island.  James Sandiford, the father, is shown in the 1790 South Carolina Census in the south part of Orangeburg District with his family and one slave.  Here he secured several grants totaling eight hundred acres near the present Bamberg County, where he is also shown in the 1800 census.  By 1810, James had died leaving Elizabeth as the head of the household and living on St. Helena.

On May 1, 1818, James Henry Sandiford married Eugenia Perry [d/o Joseph J. and Jane Perry], on St. Helena Island.  She was born March 28, 17898, and died on St. Helena, January 5, 1830.  The Sandifords were living on John's Island at the time of the 1820 census.  By 1830, he had moved to St. Helena and is listed as a farmer with two slaves.  Their children were all born on St. Helena:

Caroline A. born March 15, 1820, died at birth
James J., February 24, 1882 - August 18, 1822
Sarah M., the only child to reach adulthood, September 7, 1825 - April 28, 1873.  Married F. M. Pritchard.
Benjamin P., January 20, 1829 - October 17, 1831

On March 19, 1831, after the death of his first wife, James H. Sandiford married her sister, Sarah Margaret, sometimes called Matilda.  She was born May 8, 1804.   Their children:

James Milton, December 3, 1833 - July 30, 1864, married Jane Read abt 1856.  He was a member of the Confederate army and was killed at Petersburg, Virginia.
William Franklin, born April 7, 1835, married Ella Pierce in Camden County, January 1, 1884
Ralph Benjamin, July 1, 1837-July 7, 1906m in 1871 married Jennie Grovenstein Burns, August 26, 1853 - January 7, 1889.  Both buried at Oak Grove.
Amanda, September 21, 1839 - August 1, 1840
Harriette F., October 22, 1844 - October 14, 1848
Martha L., November 7, 1846 - May 25, 1935, on November 1, 1866, married Charles S. Briggs, February 9, 1826 - May 6, 1877.  Both buried at Oak Grove.

About 1848, Sandiford sold his property on St. Helena and moved to Savannah.  The 1850 Chatam County census lists him there with his wife and three of his children, Anne, William, and Martha.  Among the five men named in the household, evidently boarders, was Daniel Proctor.

Sometime in the 1850s, the Sandiford family moved to Camden County to property located on Dark Entry Creek near St. Mary's.  The 1860 census shows William and Martha still living at home.  The older daughter, Anne Eugenia and her husband, D. R. Proctor, also owned a home here.  The Dark Entry property is now timberland and no sign of the home remains.

John Henry Sandiford died January 2, 1868, and his wife died May 3, 1877.   They are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery.

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