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 Honorable Thomas Sandford

 (From: The Biographical Encyclopaedia of Kentucky of the Dead and
Living Men of the Nineteenth Century
; pub. 1878; p. 128)

Sandford, Hon. Thomas, was born in 1762, in Westmoreland Co., Virginia, and came to Kentucky in 1792, settling back of Covington. He was the only member from Campbell County to the second constitutional convention of the State, in 1799; was several times elected to the Legislature; and was a member of Congress from 1803 to 1807. He was a man of great natural talent; was possessed of popular and attractive manners; was over six feet in height, and commanding in person. His son, Cassius B. Sandford, was for several years Mayor of Covington; and his sons, Alexander and Alfred, became prominent men in Kenton County. Mr. Sandford was accidentally drowned, in the Ohio River, December 10, 1808.

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