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 James A. Standiford

  From the History of Baltimore City and County:

"The Standiford family, whose estates are near New Market, are of English descent, and their ancestry came to Maryland in the days when the province was young. Benjamin Standiford married Rachel Amos, of Harford County, Maryland, and their son, James A. Standiford, was born February 28, 1804. He was educated at St. James' Academy and in the best schools of Baltimore City. He was for fifteen years a teacher in the schools of Baltimore and Harford Counties and Pennsylvania, becoming celebrated for his success as an instructor of youth. He was married during Christmas week of 1836 to Sarah A., daughter of Joshua and Susannah Frederick Low, of York County, Pennsylvania. After his marriage Mr. Standiford began farming, and brought his estate up to the highest standard of agriculture."

"When but twenty-one years of age he was appointed a magistrate, and held the office for twenty years. In 1863 he was elected to the bench of the Orphans' Court for Baltimore County, remaining upon it for four years. Towards the completion of the Northern Central Railway he was for a few months engaged as a constructing engineer. He died August 1, 1873, at his residence in New Market, bequeathing to his family a valuable estate, consisting of a fine farm near the village and various lots and houses in and about it. In his life Judge Standiford built for himself a monument of good deeds and integrity. As citizen, as magistrate, and as a judge he was honored throughout the county. When he died the newspapers of all political parties spoke of the purity of his record. His official decisions always showed a correct knowledge of law, and his fellow citizens frequently sought his advice on the conduct of their most delicate affairs."

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