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 Hinckley Gilbert Mitchell

 The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans 1904, VolumeVII, Page 402
*Contributed by Debroah Hollowbush.

Mitchell, Hinckley Gilbert, educator, was born in Lee, Oneida County, New York, February 22, 1846; son of James and Sarah Gilbert (Thomas) Mitchell; grandson of Milo and Ann (Hinckley) Mitchell, and of John and Sarah (Gilbert) Thomas; great-grandson of Barnabas Mitchell of Connecticut, who served as a soldier in the Revolution and afterward became one of the first settlers of Remson, New York, and a descendant of Ensign John, brother of Thomas Hinckley, governor of Plymouth Colony. His maternal grandfather was a native of Nevin, Wales. He attended Falley seminary at Fulton, New York, and was graduated from the Wesleyan University in 1873 and from the school of theology of Boston University in 1876. He studied Old Testament exegesis at Leipzig University 1876-1879, receiving the degree of Ph.D. He joined the Central New York conference of the M.E. church; was stationed at Fayette, New York, 1879-1880, and was tutor in Latin and instructor in Hebrew at the Wesleyan University, 1880-1883. He was married, June 29, 1880, to Alice, daughter of Joshua R. Stanford of Alton, Illinois. He became instructor in Hebrew and Old Testament exegesis at Boston University in 1883, and professor of the same in 1884, when he also became secretary of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis and editor of its Journal. He was the second (annual) director of the American School of Oriental Study and Research at Jerusalem, 1901-1902. The honorary degree of D.D. was conferred on him by Mr. Union College in 1888 and by Wesleyan University in 1901. He is the author of Final Constructions of Biblical Hebrew, doctor's dissertation (1879); Hebrew Lessons (1897); Amos: an Essay in Exegesis (1900); Isaiah, a study of Chapters I-XII (2nd ed. 1900); The World before Abraham (1901); also a translation of Piepenbring's work on New Theology of the Old Testament (1889), and numerous articles in theological journals.

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