William Chappell Standifer

*Contributed by Ward H. Oliver
From: History of Barbour County, Alabama by Mattie Thomas Thompson; Eufaula, AL

William Chappell Standifer was born in Barbour County, on a farm which he brought in the late years because of sentiment, and has made it into a modern 100-acre farm 9 miles from Eufaula.  His wife has planted over a thousand roses and many hundred fruit trees and grape vines, turning it into a beautiful show place.  He's the son of William and Eliza (Hatfield) Standifer, pioneer citizen of Barbour County.

When a youth he began teaching a country school.  Coming to the city, he began clerking for the Foy Hardware store, which position he held 18 years, and for the past 25 years he has been division distributor for the Gulf Refining Co.  He is a highly self educated man who has spent his life in strenuous effort to accomplish for himself and family the nobler and better things of life, and although he had no college training, he is one of the most scholarly and best informed men of the community.

He and his wife (Leonora Hughes) who is an enthusiastic home maker and a woman of superior qualities, have reared a large family, each one a credit to their parents.  They are Bessie Louise, married Joseph H. Hall, Brooklyn, N. Y., and is one of the outstanding women of the literary world and a practicing attorney in New York.  Luther married Louise Steele.  He was manager of Rich's Shoe Department, Atlanta, when killed by an automobile enroute to Atlanta.  He leaves a daughter Leonora, a son, Luther, the former a gifted reader and elocutionist; Guy, drowned at Newport News, while in the U. S. Navy, doing his routine work; John married Louise Palmer, two children, Vivian and Rannie Will; Cornelia married [a] Bates, who hold a position in Montgomery; one daughter, Edna.

*Note: W. C. Standifer, son of William Riley Standifer, was born December 19, 1873 in Clayton, Barbour Co., AL.  He died in 1943.  He married Leonora Hughes June 3, 1894 in Barbour Co, AL.

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