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From: McLeansboro Times, February 9, 1922


          That the U. S. will be virtually out of oil and will have to depend upon foreign shipments and producers within a period of 20 years is the statement of members of the American geological survey and experts representing the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.  This report, which is official, was made at Washington and created a surprise.  The members state there may be individual and independent wells that will not pumped dry for years, and others may not be drilled until 1950, however the assumption that the production is permanent and will supply the U. S. for many years is misleading.

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Arthur Hamilton Ends 36 Years in Postal Work
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Hight - Letters of Pastor's Wife Reveal her Faith in Him 1924
Birthday Twins: Hyatt
Young Hardesty and Bailey girl dead (1874)
Three clippings here: - Harrison/Krouse; W. H. Smith; A. D. Campbell
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The Ku Klux Klan in Hamilton County
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Man pays with life for Murder over fifty cents
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Memorial Day 1922
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McMahon 60th Wedding Anniversary (1978)
Miller public sale - 1917
Mitchell public sale - 1922
Doc & Jennie Muehlenbein wed 55 yrs.
Nothing is too big, old jail included in his collections!
Attends own funeral - Patten & Maulding
John & Bessie O'Bryan - Golden Anniversary
Grandest social gathering ever!
Miss Popularity - Hazel Patton (Photo)
Underwood Family Reunion - 1935 (Photo)
Pioneer Days Tales Related by 1816 Settler
Surnames mentioned: Standerfer, Harrell, Oxier, Crouch, Stoball, Waller, Maulding, Shirley, Dale, Miller, Carlyle, Meyers, Ellis, Buck, Indian Charlie, Marshall, Lockwood, McLean and Rathbone.
Father stops the Pennington Elopement
Redfearn - "Cancer Boy" Dies at Home
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Reeder Elope (1911)
Sandusky's Wedding Anniversary
Standerfer's 70th Wedding anniversary
Benton Stelle Dies (1941)
John Stelle for Lieut. Governor! (2 here -Elder Mfg)
Thompson B. & Milton Stelle
"Students" Hold 'Bob Wilson Day' at Dahlgren
TRAGEDY - Stelle, Barker, Shaffer
Thurber Local News, 1906
Thurber Local News, 1906 (more)
Beautiful Christmas Wedding Celebrated: Freda Allen & Thomas J. Young

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