Old Newspaper Clippings

From: The Golden Era, Friday, May 22, 1874

We are very sorry to learn that a son of our highly esteemed friend, Henry Hardesty, of Twigg precinct came to his death recently by an accidental shot from a gun.  Young Hardesty, a very bright and intelligent lad was visiting some relatives in Saline Co., and was squirrel hunting with one of his friends when he got up on a log, stood, the gun upon it holding it with one hand, and stamped to start the squirrel, when the gun slipped, the hammer striking against the log, firing the gun, the charge taking effect in the body, inflicting a wound from which he soon died.

From: The Golden Era, Friday, October 9, 1874

Killed.--On last Tuesday, one of Mr. Henry Bailey's daughters, with another lady friend, went into the woods to gather grapes.  After find a tree of grapes they began to cut it down with an ax which they had brought along.  The tree was felled, but the top lodged in the forks of another tree; though near enough to the ground for the young ladies to reach them.  They began to gather them, but soon a crashing sound was heard, and looking up, they saw that the treetop had become disentangled and was falling to the ground.  They both tried to get from beneath it, but only one succeeded.  Miss Bailey being almost instantly killed by its fall.  She was a grand-daughter of Mr. Geaphart Bailey, of this place.

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