Old Newspaper Clippings

From: The Marion Daily Star, Marion, OH, Friday, March 6, 1885


St. Louis, March 2--A sensational abduction occurred at 3 o'clock the other morning at McLeansboro, Ill.  Three months ago Tom Bozeman, a prominent young beau of Carmi, Ill, courted and married Minnie Beach, the belle of McLeansboro.  She was only seventeen, but possessed all the charms calculated to make the average man's head swim.  The wedding was the social event of the season, and the young pair went to live at Tom's home, in Carmi.  Three short months after the marriage Tom found himself deserted and his wife back with her parents at McLeansboro.  He found that her parents were instrumental in causing the separation.  This morning at three o'clock, he drove into McLeansboro with a fast team and a Colt's revolver.  He drove directly to his father-in-laws's house and when the old man opened the door, the young husband forced an entrance, and going directly to his wife's bed-room, picked her up in her night-clothes and carried her out to the buggy.  The old man seized a shot-fun and opened fire, but did not do any damage.  Boseman threw a horse-blanket over his wife and drove like the wind for Carmi.

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