Early Days in McLeansboro
by Silas Wright Heard

Pub. McLeansboro Times, Thursday, February 3, 1927.

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...My father's mother's family, moved to Stone Rive, Rutherford County,
Tennessee, where a battle was fought during the Civil War.  Thence in 1816
they treked to Flannigan township, near McLeansboro.  

My father, Charles H. Heard had two brothers, John and James and one sister,
Elizabeth.  John married Mahuldah Crouch, and one daughter, Mrs. Hannah
Garner, aged 92, survives in San Bernadino, Calif., and another daughter,
Mrs. Mary, widow of Nicholas Gullic, and children lived in McLeansboro. 
Judge Phil Swing, M. C. of California, married Nellie Cremeens Eckley of
McLeansboro.  James married Irena Bozeman of Carmi, and one daughter, Mrs.
Elmira Frazier, aged 91 and her three grandchildren live in Bozeman, Mont.

Charles H. married Isabelle, daughter of Daniel and Sophia Walker Marshall,
and had four sons and one daughter.  Samuel, George and Emory died single,
soon after leaving McKendree College and Indiana University.  Mary married J.
J. son of Major Daniel Powell.  Silas W. married Annie, daughter of Judge
John T. Harris of Harrisonburg, Virginia and have two daughters and one son. 
Isabelle Marshall married Charles P. Bland of St. Louis, and their three
young daughters are Isabelle Heard, Harriet Claibourne and Catherine
Marshall.  Virginia Harris married C. B. Gist of West Virginia, and they have
one daughter, Virginia Anne, John T. Harris, single, lives in New York City.

Elizabeth Heard married Anderson Gowdy and had one daughter, Caroline, who
married Chester Carpenter, Jr., a brilliant lawyer.  They had two daughters,
Amy and Ida.  Amy married Leonidas Walker from Butler, Pa., of the law firm
of Townsend & Walker.  They had two sons and three daughters, Sam, Chester,
Allie, Pauline, Carrie and Lea.  Mrs. Walker and two daughters, Mrs. Pauline
Wallen and Lea, reside in McLeansboro.  Allie, the eldest daughter, married
Duncan Barter.  Chester married Leila, daughter of John H. and Alice Randall
Wilson, and they live in Savannah, Ga.  Sam married and resides in Chicago. 
Carrie married Clarence Saunders, the famous originator of the Piggly Wiggly
Stores.  They live in the South.  Ida married Phil Rearden, civil engineer,
of Shawneetown, and their son Merritt, married a Spanish girl in Mexico and
lives there.  Mrs. Rearden was married the second time to Myron Nutting,
Civil engineer, of Ohio.  Their son, Myron, Jr., is a noted artist in Paris,
France.  Mrs. Nutting died in the wilds of Mexico, where her husband was surveying.

Chester Carpenter, a Baptist minister, married and thence came to
McLeansboro.  Chester had one son, Milton, who married Fanny Shirley
[actually Fanny Dale], and he was State Treasurer of Illinois, and died in
Springfield during his second term as treasurer.  He had five sons.  Chester
married Caroline Gowdy, Milton married Miss Lasater [actually Rebecca Jane
Lasater], aunt of A. A. Lasater, John married Amy Sabina, daughter of Daniel
Marshall.  Favious [actually Flavious] married Rebecca, daughter of John W.
Marshall, Christopher, lawyer, died single...

My father's mother, Sarah, daughter of John and Mary Duff Moore of South
Carolina was of this Colonial Moore family.  She had five brothers and two
sisters, Alfred, Lewis, James, Greene, John, Nancy and Leah.  Several of
these Moores and families came to Hamilton County in 1816 with the Heards. 
Nancy married Burton, parents of Harriet and Mary.  Harriet married John S.
Kinnear.  Mary married John Mason, Leah married Epley, parents of Mrs. Louise
Ritchey, aged 101, who now resides in McLeansboro.  My father's father,

Charles M. Heard, died and was buried on his farm in Flannigan township,
where others were permitted burial as was the custom.  His widow, Sarah Moore
Heard moved to McLeansboro and married James Allen from Memphis, Tenn.  They
had two children, Joseph and Marium.  Joseph married Mary Hall of Aviston. 
Their daughter, Alive married A. A. Lasater, and their daughter, Addie
married Dr. Will Barter.  Joseph Allen's sons, Clarence, Frank, and Charlie,
lived in McLeansboro.  Marium married Asbury from Knoxville, Tenn., and their
son, Joseph married Julia, sister of Milton Dailey.  They had one son, Roy J.
Asbury, who died and his widow married and moved to California.  The elder
Asbury died and his widow, Marium, married Dr. V. S. Benson.  

The Marshalls were six weeks crossing the Atlantic in a sailing vessel, and
during the voyage the infant, Samuel, died and was buried at sea.  My
mother's father liking the name of Samuel so much, named another son that
name, the late Judge S. S. Marshall.  John, Samuel and Daniel Marshall
settled in Shawneetown, about 1810.  John was Illinois' first banker.  Daniel
moved to McLeansboro about 1820.  He and his first wife, Sophia Walker
Marshall, had two sons, John W. and Samuel S., and four daughters, Isabelle,
Jemimah, Elizabeth and Amy Sabina.  John married Mary, daughter of Jessie
Lockwood.  Samuel S. died single.  Isabelle married Charles H. Heard. 
Jemimah married John W. O'Neal.  Elizabeth married Dr. Z. R. Millard.  Amy
married John Carpenter.  

Daniel Marshall's second wife was Miss Sarah Holmes, and Englishwoman, and
they had one daughter, Edith, who married C. M. Wiseman, and they had two
sons, Carl and Arthur.  Mrs. Wiseman died and Mr. Wiseman married the second
time to Miss Ida Blempker of Evansville, and they later moved to Louisville,

The Powells came from Virginia to Kentucky, and thence Major Daniel Powell,
Major of the Black Hawk War, came to White County near New Haven.  He married
Rhoda Douglass.  Their son J. J. married Mary, daughter of C. H. and Isabelle
M. Heard and their surviving children, Emory H., Henderson B. (Major), and
Lenabel live in McLeansboro.  James son of Major Powell married Sarah,
daughter of James M. Heard of Parker's Prairie.  

This is written in a book by one of the family: "My grandfather Charles
Macdonald Heard was buried on the 40 acres of his farm the N.W.-S.E.-Sec.
10-T 6-R5 in Hamilton County, Illinois, later known as the Valentine Place. 
His wife my father's mother, Sarah Moore Heard-Allen-Blacker was buried in
the old graveyard in McLeansboro, Ill. and years afterward her remains were
re-interred in the new Cemetery.  My father wished to place a monument at his
father's grave, but he and other old citizens of that neighborhood were
unable to find the grave.  Other pioneers were buried there also.  

As you see Sarah Moore married, Charles Macdonald Heard-2nd James Allen, 3rd
James Blacker of Canada and survived all of them by a number of years.

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