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Mr. and Mrs. Sandusky Celebrate their 60th Anniversary 

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Sandusky Married in Hamilton County March 2, 1865

Hale and hearty at the age of 82, sixty years of wedded life have apparently fallen light on the shoulders of J. E. (Uncle Elmore) Sandusky, who with Aunt Betty Bennett Sandusky, his companion of three score years, celebrated their wedding anniversary Tuesday, March 2 at their home near Pleasant Grove church, west of this city.  The occasion was a gala event, about forty of their neighbors and relatives participating in the great dinner that was served.  Two were present who had been at the wedding supper 60 years ago, and who attended the wedding, Uncle Scott Bennett, a brother to Aunt Betty.

Uncle Elmore, who for many years took an active part in the civic life of his community, settled in Hamilton county with his parents when but twelve years of age, his birth place being in Kentucky, while his wife was born in Tennessee and settled in Hamilton County with her parents when but a small child.

Mrs. Sandusky claimed his fifteen-year old bride on March 2, 1865, their marriage taking place near Reed school house with Esquire Mark Harper, later Sheriff of Hamilton county officiating.  Their union was blessed with nine children, seven of whom are living: Mrs. Frank Jones of Chicago; Mrs. Agnes Ferguson of Success, Ark; Mrs. Will Reeder, Hillary Sandusky, Mrs. Hattie Morris, Will Sandusky and Mrs. Harry Mead, all of this city.

Through all of the years these two old people have kept sunny and happy.  They heartily enjoyed the celebration of their sixtieth anniversary which consisted of visiting, eating, singing and prayer.

Uncle Elmore and Aunt Betty have been members of the Pleasant Grove M. E. church for many years.

May their days yet be many and happy and their going be peaceful.

From: Felty’s Legacy of Kin, p. 348.
Anniversary celebration: November 1, 1934:
Times-Leader: She was 85 years on October 18th and he will be 92 years on November 4.  Will have been married 70 years on 02 May 1935.

Times-Leader October 24, 1935: news-item: J. E. Sandusky, 94, enjoyed his first airplane ride last Thursday.]

From: Felty’s Legacy of Kin, p. 362 ; Pub. Times-Leader October 17, 1935.  
Mary Elizabeth Bennett Sandusky was born October 26, 1849 in Tennessee and died October 7, 1835, home west of McLeansboro.  She was the daughter of Robert and Agnes Price Bennett.  She married J. E. Sandusky March 2, 1865; 10 children., 3 dead: Robert, Ella, Hazel all dead; 7 children survive: Mrs. Hattie Hardesty of Broughton, Will Sandusky of Hoodville, Hillary Sandusky of McLeansboro, Mrs. Agnes Ferguson of Success, Ark., Mrs. Bessie Reeder of McLeansboro, Mrs. Verna Mead of McLeansboro, and Mrs. Maude Jones of Miami, Fla.  Leaves 2 brothers: W. M. Bennett of McLeansboro and Samuel Bennett of Senica, Mo.  Interred at Ten Mile.

From: Felty’s Legacy of Kin, p. 406; Pub January 6, 1938 Times-Leader.  
Joseph Elmore Sandusky was born November 4, 1842, KY; died January 1, 1938, home of daughter, Mrs. H. U. Mead, McLeansboro; son of Aquilla & Matilda Sandusky.  Moved to Hamilton County as a boy.  He married Elizabeth Bennett, 1865 (she died in 1935); 10 children, 7 survive (6 named): Mrs. Hattie Hardesty of Broughton, Will Sandusky, Mrs. Bessie Reeder and Mrs. Verna Mead all of McLeansboro, Mrs. Agnes Ferguson of Success, Ark., Mrs. Maud Jones of Miami, Fla.  Leaves one brother: Frank Sandusky of McLeansboro; one sister: Mrs. Mary Allen of Rector, Ark.  Times-Leader, 21 Sep 1939; Ch., grch., gr. grch. Of Uncle Elmore and Aunt Betty Sandusky held reunion and are named.  

From Jim Price: Aunt Betty Bennett (above) is the granddaughter of Michael Price.  Her name was Mary Elizabeth Bennett.

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