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From: The Dahlgren Echo, January 28, 1915:

The Judd Family History

1. Thomas Judd, deacon, who came from England in 1633 to the Connecticut River.

2. His son, Thomas Judd was a Lieutenant.

3. His son, John Judd, was born in Farmington, CT.  He married Hannah Hickox, daughter of Samuel in 1696.  John died at Waterbury, Ct. in 1717.

4. His son, Samuel Judd was born in Connecticut in 1703.  He died there in 1798. He married Elizabeth Scott, daughter of David in 1731.

5. His son, Asa Judd was born in Connecticut in 1736 and served as a Revolutionary War soldier.  He married Malissa Faucher of Wales, noted for her great strength.  She could lift 1000 pounds.

6. His son, Giles Judd was born in Connecticut in 1777 and died in 1855 at his home in Lovilla (IL).  He moved to New York in 1785 and married Katherine L. Tucker, mother of his children.  He married Mrs. Hannah Neft (2nd.)  He was a veteran of the War of 1812.  He moved to Ohio in 1819.  He received land in Hamilton County for service in the War of 1812.  His son, Chester, was born in 1816.  Other sons of Giles: John, Merrit, Zera, William.  He moved to Hamilton County in 1853 - land for service: Sec 28, T4S, R5E; owned in 1905 by M. E. Sinks.

7. His son, John Judd had three sons: Lewis who died in Tennessee just after the Civil War; Cotton who died in Arkansas while in the Army; Charles H. who died in 1909 in Mt. Vernon.

7. Son of Giles: Chester, born in New York in 1816.  Moved to Ohio in 1819 then to Lawrence Co., Ohio in 1830 and on to Hamilton County in 1854.  He married Mary Burch in 1837 in Washington Co., Ohio.  He had two sons, John and Albert.

8. John Judd, son of Chester, was born 1839 in Ohio and moved to Hamilton County in 1854.  He married Lucy S. Bennett, born in Athens Co., OH in 1863.  Children: Burch J. Giles, Lydia B. Upchurch of Texas and Chester C. Judd of Dahlgren. 

8. Albert Judd, son of Chester, served in the Civil War.  He married Mary A. McCoy and had six children: Ed & Merrit of St. Louis; Alice, who died in Iowa in 1914 and three children died in infancy.  He later married Laura McCoy and they had one daughter, Margaret.

8. Malissa Judd, daughter of Chester, married William Ackermann.  Their daughter, Parthena, married Alexander Sharp; their children: Herschel, McClellan, John, Ida, Frances, Isabel Sharp.

Taken from: Felty's Legacy of Kin, Vol. I,  p. 149

ęcopyrighted 1999/2000 by Carol Lee Yarbrough

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