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Sandefur Sandifer Sandiford
Standefer Standeford Standerfer
Standifer Standifier Standiford

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Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Sandefur
(Photo album found with family photos!  Do you know this family?)

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Sandefur/Stagg Bible

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Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Strickland/Sandifer Bible

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)James Sandifer Bible

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)George M. Sandifer Bible

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Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Sandiford/Pritchard Bible

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Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Alfred Standefer Bible    

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Cecil Standefer

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Israel Standefer (1781-1852)

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)LeRoy (b. 1812) & Samuel J. Standefer

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Preston Goodhue Standefer (1856-1893)

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes) Sarah Standefer and Wesley Burdine (1797-1880)

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Sarah Adeline "Addie" Standefer Craft

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)William Standefer   (1757-1826)

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Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)James Wilson Standeford (1834-1861)

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 Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Jobe Standerfer (1802-1890)

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)John Newton Standerfer (1842-1920)

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Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)John Stanforth (1718)

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Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)James Williamson Standifer (1810-1892)/Jacob Wolf

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Jessee Standifer (1790-1815)

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Reuben Standifer (1845-1933)

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes) Rufus E. Standifer  (1884-1956)

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes) Thomas Roger Standifer (b. 1853)

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Viby Lawrence Standifer (1876-1958)

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)William Carroll Standifer (1846-1921)

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Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Isiah Standifier (b. 1836)

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Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Aquilla Standiford (1741-1799)

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Meriton Standiford (1817-1902)

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Related Surnames:

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)J. H. S. Boyer [Standiford]

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Wesley Burdine Bible [Standefer]

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Standerfer / Darst [Moultrie Co., IL]

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Nancy Elizabeth Standifer Davis

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Deadman-Wasson Family Bible

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Edwards/Brooks/Standifer

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes) Thomas Frost (1735-1807)

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Harrison-Sanford Family Bible

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Bible of Ada Standifer Hudgins

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes) Sarah Standiford (1756-1835) / Johnson / Paine

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Tallie V. (Jolly) Jones [Sanford]

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Standerfer / Mathias [Coles Co., IL]

Feather.jpg (1466 bytes)Parchman/Gravlee

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