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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) This Bible record can be filed in the DAR file of Luke Standifer.
(*As with most old bible records, this one is difficult to read.
When in doubt, I have so noted.)

Parchman/Gravlee Family Bible

Mary Jane Parchman was the
daughter of Sarah Standefer (daughter of Luke Standifer) and Wesley Burdine

The Bible was pub. In 1839.


James A. Parchman was born October 29, 1830

Mary J. Parchman was born September 1, 1834

Sarah S. Parchment was born December 5, 1855

Martha J. Parcham was born January 24, 1859

James Absolom Parchman was born August 19, 1867

W.Counsel McCullin was born May 14, 1866

William Isaac Gravlee was born January the 1st, A. D., 1856

William Hubbard Gravlee was born December the 5, A. D., 1880

John Counsel Gravlee was born Feb. 2nd, 1883

James Caridon Gravlee was born December 9th, 1884

David Brackston Gravlee was borned Oct. 26, 1886

? Ethel Gravlee was borned Nov. 22, ?

Absolom Parchman was born January the 1, 1891

Guy Justins Gravell was born June 15, 1893

Isaac Anderson Gravlee was born October the ?, 189?


James A. Parchman and Mary J. Burdine was married January 25, A. D., 1854

W. G. McCullin and Mary J. Parchmen was married July 5, 1865

W. ? Gravell and S. S. Parchman was married November the Sixth, A. D., 1879


James Andrew Parchman departed this life October the 3rd, 1862

Mary Jane McCullen departed this life June the 2, 1868

W. T. McCullen departed this life the 15th day of October 1868

James Andrew Parchman was a volunteer in the Civil War and belonged to Company A
and the 43 Miss. Regiment was shot down on the battle at Corrinth on October 3, 1862

John Counsel Gravlee departed this Oct 16th 1884, aged one year, 8 mo. And 14 days

William Isaac Gravlee departed this life September 27th, A. D. 1898, aged 42 years 8 months and 13 days.

Orville Gravlee departed this life August the 17th 1878, age 40 years, 3 months and 17 days.

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