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*Corrections to the previously posted bible record were made by Barb Pate Jackson.  She recently viewed the Mid-South Bible Records" and has copied them exactly as they are written.  Thank you so much, Barb!

 Bible Record of Jessee Standifer



[Bible record of Jesse Standefer is owned by Mrs. Neely, Greenwood, MS]
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The Father of Israel Standifer came from Ireland.
Israel Standifer’s the Father of Capt Jessie Standifer

Capt Jessie Standifer the Father of Wm Skelton Standifer
Wm Skelton Standifer the Father of Wm F. Standifer

Israel Standifer had 12 sons

Israel Standifer’s Fathers wife was a Skelton

Capt Jessie Standifer’s children’s names was

Susan Heard Standifer born Sept 1st 1800
Polly Alexander Standifer born July 12 1802
James Huton Standifer born Jan 10 1804
Elizabeth Fowler Standifer born Jan 27 1805
Caroline Randle Standifer born May 3rd 1807
Jesse Thomas Standifer born June 19th 1809
Wm Skelton Standifer born Nov 19th 1810
Julia Ann Standifer born Dec 18th 1812
Harriet Houton Standifer born Jan 8th 1814
Abraham Heard Standifer born July 7th 1815

Wm Skelton Standifers children names is

Lom Standifer
Duano Standifer married Dr. Newmon
Wm Finas Standifer married Julia Strickland
Vero (?) Standifer married Geo Alen
Cecil Standifer married Lolo Wade
Sysinious Standifer deceased
Girona Standifer married Mary Lacy

 Wm Skelton Standifers mother was a Huton and her mother was a Fowler.
She came from Wales an she married a Houton from England.

Wm Skelton Standifer married Frances Humphries Johnson

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