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  Standiford/Johnson/Paine Bible Record


David Johnson & Sarah Standiford were married November 19th, 1773

Thomas Johnson & Martha Jarrett were married February 1, 1821

Charles T. Pain & Clara M. Johnson were married February 15th, 1848


Charles Thomas Paine was born Jan 1st, 1825

Martha Jarrett Paine was born Jan 28th 1849

Sallie Johnson Paine was born July 18th, 1850

Charlie Ann Paine was born February 19, 1852

Clara Cordelia Paine was born July 21st, 1854

Gertrude Amelia Paine was born July 18th, 1857

William Henry Paine was born August 4, 1859

Mary Virginia and Robert Lee Paine October 19th 1862 [twins]

Allen Trust Paine was born March 2nd 1864

Ida Belle Paine was born Aug 1865


Thomas Johnson died December 25th 1764

Elizabeth, his wife, died October 31st 1786

David Johnson died May 17th 1823

Sarah his wife died February 10, 1835

Thomas Johnson died Sept 7 1832

Martha, his wife, died April 7th 1842

Sallie E. B. Johnson died Mar 28th 1888

Clara Johnson Paine died April 6, 1906

Chas. T. Paine died Aug 12th 1867

Wm Henry Paine died Fe 1st 1861

Mary Virginia Paine died July 17th 1863

Allen Trust Paine died July 18 1865

Ida Belle Paine died Aug 1866

Gertrude A. Paine died March 3rd 1898

Martha J. Todd died May 26, 1905

Clara Cordelia Paine died June 1, 1918

Sallie Johnson Paine died

Robert Lee Paine died Octo 19, 1937

Charlie Paine Gavis died April 1917

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