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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) I recently received this bible record from the DAR file records on Luke Standefer. I have transcribed and noted when entries were difficult to read.  The page is very difficult to read.  Wesley Burdine was the husband of Sarah Standefer, daughter of Luke and Mary Ann Price Standefer.  *Virginia Bible Records, pub 1987, indicates that the Burdine Bible was own by Mrs. Edwin M. Stander of Memphis, TN.

Bible of Wesley Burdine


Samuel Burdine my grandfather was born the 29th of May 1745
Mary Burdine my grandmother was born June 1, 1754

John Burdine my father was born Jan the 21, 1772
Susannah Burdine my mother was born April 23, 1779

Wesley Burdine was born October 4, 1800
Sarah Burdine my wife was born July the 25th, 1797

Addison F. Burdine was born October 5th, 1823

Mandam G. Burdine May the 26th, 1825

Melissa K. Burdine was born May the 27th 1827

Adillas F. Burdine was born August 3, 1829

James C. Burdine was born Dec the 17th, 1831

Mary Jane Burdine was born September 1, 1834

Judith V. Burdine was born Oct the 23rd, 1837

Joannah A. Burdine was born Aug the 19th 1840


Nancy M. Burdine was born September 22, 1834

Counsel W. McCullen was born May 14, 1886

Fannie May McCullen was born November the 13, 1873

? McCullen was born January the 11, 1895


John Burdine and Suannah (?) were married September the 8th, 1792

Wesley Burdine and Sarah Standefer were married the 22 of December 1822

Melissa Burdin was married to George Dellworth January the 16, 1865

Adella was married to Baley Shumpert  (date illegible)

James C. Burdine and Nancy M. Parchmon was married January the 16, 1854

William Fears was married to Judith Burdin January 10, 1861


John Burdine (Son) departed this life May the 7, 1845, fifteen minutes before
9 O'Clock with bright prospects for a better...

Elizabeth M. Hillard departed this life July 9, 1886, A.D.

Nancy M. Burdine departed this life November 22nd 1910,
Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

Wesley Burdine departed this life April the19th,
Turesday about 10.o'clock, A. D. 1887

Sarah Burdine departed this life August 22, 1880,
about one hour be(fore?) son, Sonday morning

Joannah A. Burdine departed this life Sunday morning at eleven o'clock September 28, 1862
(with bright prospects for a better..)

Mandane E. Armstrong departed this life in hopes of a better Wednesday
morning twenty minutes past one, April 6, 186?

* Update:  John T. Bibby, a Burdine descendants, has generously submitted the following information:
John Fletcher Burdine and Suannah Tarrant were married September 8, 1792. Adella was married to Baley Shumpert on November 14, 1850.  Thank you, John!

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