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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) This bible is owned by Mrs. Dan Stagg of Whiteville, LA.  Mrs. Stagg is the widow of Daniel Philipe Stagg. It was compiled and contributed by Gladys Sandefur of AR.  The information within the parentheses was added by Ms. Sandefur.  Thank you, Gladys!

Stagg/Sandefur Bible

"The Teacher's Bible containing Old & New Testaments according to the authorized version.  A selection of New and Revised Illustrated Helps to Bible Study and a New Concordance, Red Letter Edition.  Longdon.   Samuel Bagster and Sons, Limited, New York, James Pott & Co."

Daniel Sandefur, Sr., died Sat. Oct. 8th, 1910
(Son of Henry and Elizabeth Miller Sandefur)

Herschel Sandefur was born Nov. 2, 1882; died February 2, 1915, age 32 yrs., 3 mos.
(Son of Daniel, Sr. and Emily McCrory Sandefur)

Percy Johnie Campbell, born June 20, 1912.  Died-buried at White Chapel July 20, 1916; 8 o'clock Thursday night.

Mrs. Philip Stagg, died December 2, 1916, buried at Dubuisson.

F. B. Campbell died Tuesday, 4 o'clock a.m. Oct. 15, 1918.   Buried at White Chapel.

Gilbert Stagg died February 22, 1920 at his home, 9 o'clock

Mrs. Emily Sandefur died Wednesday evening, May 21, 1924, age 81 years, 2 mo. 15 days.
(Wife of Daniel Sandefur, SR)

Joe Sandefur died at Port Arthur, TX Feb. 1927

R. D. Sandefur died March 31, 1927, Bunkie
(Son of Daniel, SR and Emily McCrory Sandefur)

Isaac Stagg died Jan. 15, 1928, Opelousas.

Charley Stagg was born Oct. 8th, 1861.  Charley Stagg died Wed. July 4, 1928. 
Buried at Whiteville, LA.  Age 66.  Died at 13 to 11 o'clock.
(Husband of Mary Lorena Sandefur)

Joicie Ray Stagg born 4 Sept 1928, died 4 Sept. 1928

Robert Lee Stagg died Jan. 11, 1929, Port Arthur , TX.   Born 1864, age 64

J. H. Sandefur died Oct. 23, 1929, Port Arthur, TX.
(Son of Daniel, SR and Emily McCrory Sandefur)

Marshall Stagg died 11 Nov. 1929, Opelousas, LA

Raymand Neal Stagg born 10 Feb. 1930, died 14 April 1930.

Toulman T. Sandefur was born May 29, 1880, died June 15, 1937, age 57, Golddust, LA.
(Son of Daniel, SR and Emily McCrory Sandefur)

Mary L. Sandefur, Mrs. Charley Stagg died Wednesday morning 12:45 o'clock, Nov. 2, 1938. 
Taken sick Oct. 31, 1938, Monday night, operated on Nov. 1, Tuesday night. 
Buried at Whiteville, LA at 10:30 o'clock.
(Daughter of Daniel, SR & Emily McCrory Sandefur)

Mrs. Nugent died Feb. 21, 1941 at Bunkie.

Edward Henry Stagg died Wed. Morning, Oct. 4, 1944, 11:15 o'clock. 
Buried 5:00 o'clock Thursday, Oct. 5, 1944 in Opelousas, LA.  Myrtle Grove Cemetery.

Singleton Edward Stagg killed in New Orleans, March 29, 1945 by a car.  Age 30. 
Buried at Opelousas Saturday evening at 4:00 o'clock

Edwin Sandefur died 4 Oct. 1947 in Bunkie, was buried at Bunkie Oct. 5, 1947 at 4 o'clock
(Son of Daniel, SR & Emily McCrory Sandefur)

Daniel and Emily Sandefur were born May 16, 1876.  Daniel Sandefur died August 30, 1948. 
Buried August 31, 1948 at Bunkie.  Buried at 3 o'clock. Emily, a twin to Daniel died Sept. 1876
(Children of Daniel, SR & Emily McCrory Sandefur)

Ewell J. Sandefur died 1 Nov. 1948, Port Arthur, Texas, buried in Port Arthur Nov. 3, 1948
Died with a heart attack.

S. A. "Gus" Townsend died Dec. 23, 1948 at Bunkie.   Buried at 3 o'clock.
(Husband of Lela Sandefur)

John P. Stagg died August 11, 1949 at the home of his son Alfred Stagg, Whiteville, 5:00 o'clock.
Buried August 12, 1949 at Dubuisson, LA, age 71.

Ellen Stagg m Dunbar, died 8 Sept 1949, Opelousas

Ella Sandefur Holley died at Port Arthur, Texas April 10, 1950 at pt. 3, 1953 at Baton Rouge, LA Hospital.
Buried at White Chapel Sept. 5, 1953 at 3:00 o'clock
(Children of Daniel, SR & Emily McCrory Sandefur)

Emily Edna Stagg died Sept. 5, 1960 at her home in Whiteville, LA.  Six 45 o'clock. 
Was buried at 10 o'clock Sept. 7, 1960 in Bunkie, LA services at 1st Baptist Church.
(Daughter of Charley Stagg and Mary Lorena Sandefur)

Lela Sandefur Townsend died May 14, 1961, buried at Pythian Cemetery, Bunkie, LA.
(Children of Daniel, SR & Emily McCrory Sandefur)

"Mack" McJohnson died 1 Nov. 1968 in Bunkie at 1 o'clock.

Irene Isabel Stagg died May 19, 1972 at Opelousas General Hospital at 11:30 p.m.
Was buried at 1:30 p.m. in Bunkie, LA May 21, Service at 1st Baptist Church

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