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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Society-
Special Publication, No. 36, April 1888
Family Records from Bibles, VOL I

 Bible Record of J. H. S. Boyer's Family

Publication: 1872 by A. J. Holman & Co., Philadelphia
Language: English; Size: 9.5 by 12 by 3
Condition: Heavy board covers detached; otherwise, except
for a few pages, relatively good.
This bible was found among a collection of books owned
 by a York Co., PA antique dealer and was purchased by the SCPGS.

Family Data: (Marriage certificate page)
This is to certify that J. H. S. Boyer of New Freedom in the State of Pa. and
Priscilla E. Standiford of Freelands in the state of Maryland were by me
united together in Holy Matrimony on the twenty fifth day of September
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and 87 in the presence of ___.


J. H. S. Boyer, b. November 22, 1857
Priscilla E. Boyer, b. January 22, 1857
John Roy Boyer, b. June 21, 1890
John L. Boyer, b. November 7, 1820
Blanch Maurie Boyer, b. March 18, 1895
Samuel Boyer was born August 16, 1795 and died February 20, 1867 
and buried on Carrolls Manor, Frederick Co., Md.

John C. R. Standiford, b. April 17, 1824
Loonia Standiford, b. September 28, 1819
Wm. C. Standiford, b. February 6, 1847
Joshua P. Standiford, b. December 20, 1848
Annie E. Standiford, b. June 10, 1851
Mary J. Standiford, b. December 19, 1853
John C. B. Standiford, b. June 18, 1861


John L. Boyer, d. January 16, 1892
Nancy L. Boyer, d. January 11, 1893
Priscilla E. Boyer, d. September 24, 1914
Wm. C. A. Standiford, d. July 13, 1848
Wm. C. Standiford, d. July 13, 1848
Looina Standiford, d. April 29, 1900
John C. R. Standiford, d. November 24, 1908
John C. B. Standiford, d. June 3, 1887


John C. B. Standiford was killed by lightning June 3, 1887
6 m. north E. of Graham Mo.

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