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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From the resource notes of Grace N. Paris, 1952.  Ms. Paris notes that she copied the records from the book Pages from Old Family Bibles found at the public library in Louisville, KY.  She states that these records are in the possession of James Franklin Standiford of Ewing, KY in 1935.  Beginning at ** below, is additional information found in the actual bible at Mr. J. F. Standiford's home by Ms. Paris.  These records were generously submitted to this website by Mr. Herman Standiford.

 Bible Record of Aquilla Standiford

Then was born Aquilla Standiford, son of Wm. Standiford and Christina, his wife, August 25, 1741.

Then was born Sarah Clark, daughter of John and Hannah, his wife, June 10, 1744

Then were married Aquilla Standiford and Sarah Clark December 27, 1764

Then was born Hannah daughter of Aquilla and wife, 1766

Then was born Milcah Standiford January 21, 1767

Then was born Nathan Standiford July 8, 1768

Then was born George July 8, 1770

Then was born Sarah Standiford April 28, 1773

Then was born Mary Standiford April 21, 1775

Then was born Rebecca Standiford August 6, 1776. She departed this life September 11, 1780.

Then was born Elijah Standiford January 13, 1778

Then was born Aquilla Standiford June 3, 1780

Then was born Rebecca Standiford July 27, 1782

Then was born Cassandra Standiford November 7, 1789

Then was born John Standiford January 27, 1786

Then was born Sophia, his (John's) wife July 4, 1800

Sophia Standiford departed this life October 13, 1855

John Standiford departed this life November 29, 1866

Squire Ann Hildreth was born September 10, 1815

George Standiford was born July 8, 1770

Mary McCarty was born September 23, 1785

George Standiford and Mary McCarty married July 18, 1804

Sarah Standiford, first daughter, born September 15, 1806

Abraham Standiford, first son, born April 8, 1808

Elizabeth, 2nd daughter, born August 13, 1809

Mary E., 3rd daughter, born May 22, 1811

Cassandrew, 4th daughter, born October 22, 1812

George, 2nd son, born August 7, 1814

Mahaley, 5th daughter, born August 23, 1817

Hannah, 6th daughter, born February 9, 1819

Susannah, 7th daughter, born April 8, 1822

Aquilla, 3rd son, born November 8, 1815

** Aquilla Standiford, son of George and Mary McCarty, married Fanny Faulkner August 4, 1842


Elijah (or Elisha or Eliza) Standiford born January 27, 1839

John F. Standiford born May 16, 1841

George Wesley born May 5, 1843

Aquilla Standiford born October 7, 1845

Mary Elizabeth Standiford born July 29, 1846

Francis Marion Standiford born March 18, 1853

Ann Eliza Standiford born November 25, 1854

Hannah was born February 9, 1819

(Ms. Paris notes that these records found in the actual bible are very faded and some dates may be incorrect.  She says that the above Hannah was evidently a sister of Aquilla, but not listed with his children.)

More notes from Ms. Paris: "Mr. Jim Frank Standiford, was an old gentleman, living in 1935 at Ewing, KY in the Linking River Valley.  His land is a part of the original land on which Aquilla and Sarah Standiford settled after coming from Maryland.  Jim Frank is descended from William Standiford in two lines, while his wife, Sarah Hildreth, is also of Standiford descent.  Jim Frank's father was George, son of James and Cassandra Standiford.  Cassandra was the daughter of Aquilla, son of William of Maryland.  James was son of Abraham, son of William of Maryl. Sarah (wife of Jim Frank) was daughter of Aquilla Hildreth, son of Sarah Standiford Hildreth, daughter of Aquilla, son of William."

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