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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From: Moultrie County Heritage, Vol. VIII, No. 3; August 1980, p. 69.

This Bible is in the possession of Mildred Standerfer Cherry of Decatur, IL and was published in the Decatur Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. XIV, #4, 1978.   Corrections are made here for the birth date of John Bruce Standerfer by his widow, Blanche Quicksall Standerfer and in cemetery inscription.


Sarah Jane Monroe, born December 18, 1870

Charles William Darst, born May 30, 1862

Levi C. Standerfer, born September 2, 1885

Carl Wayne Standerfer, born July 8, 1912

Dale Wayne Standerfer, died Novemberr 14, 1971

John Bruce Standerfer, born 1811 [&Correct date is March 29, 1895]

Harry Standerfer, born April 14, 1899

Chesley Standerfer, born April 2, 1892

Effie Standerfer Hilliard, of Bethany, born August 1, 1897; died June 12, 1978

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