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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) I received this record from Ginger who says: "I am not a Sandefur researcher but am wondering if you can help.  I have in my possession (rescued from the trash) a photo album with quite a few family pictures, some pretty old.  The newest ones appears to be 1966.  In the back of the album is this list of names and birth dates.  I'm transcribing it just as it appears.  I would like to give the album to a family member."  How great!  If you recognize this family, Contact Ginger!!!

Family Record of Jeremiah Sandefur

Jeremiah - Mary C. Sandefur married March 13, 1885

Jeremiah B. born December 25, 1834

Mary C. Sandefur November 23, 1883

W. M., Dad, born October 28, 1860. (d? December 29, 1950)

Amanda J. born April 10, 1864 (d? March 28, 1951)

me born April 19, 1883

R. E. born May 11, 1886

M. E. born May 16, 1888

W. Earnest born May 27, 1880

Zeporah E. born May 27, 1890

Ruby Lee born July 22, 1902

Bulah born February 6, 1908

Hubert E. born June 12, 1904

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