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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) (I recently received this bible record from the DAR file records. I have transcribed and noted when entries were difficult to read. The whereabouts of the actual bible is unknown to me. All of the information is recorded on one page. The bible was published by the New York American Bible Society in 1873. Clarence F. Davis was the second husband of Nancy Elizabeth Standifer, daughter of James Anderson and Martha Lawhon Standifer. The page is very difficult to read.)

Bible of Nancy Elizabeth Standifer Davis


Family Record

Clarence F. Davis died 1948 Brownwood Texas

Rudolfus Davis died August the 17th 1863

Martha A. Davis died October the 3rd 1863

Sarah C. Davis died August the 18th 1873

James A. Davis died November the 10 (?) 1878

James Davis died the 16th of April 1884

Grover Cleveland Davis died January 25th A. D. 1901

S. J. Davis died July the 19, 1914

C. F. Davis died Thursday, March 23, 1926, age 67 years

Eugene Beatty Davis, Jr. died August 8th 1943, age 16 years

Nancy E. Davis died Sept. 28, 1952, age 86, at Austin, Texas


Thomas Floyd ? Sr. February 3, 1943, Austin, Texas

Nathan Davis died June the 7th 1865

Anna Davis died September the 14th 1861

Harriett Denson died May 8, 1902

Thomas P. Denison, son of ? Denson died May 25th 1899

Mary A. Clements died Jan. 25, 1894

Francis E. Morgan died June 16th 1896

Daisy Davis died March 8th 1902

Henry Davis son of C. F. & Daisy Davis died March 9th 1902

Tommes W. Davis died Dec. 20, 1887

M. O. Standifer died October 26, 1919, age 78, born 1841*

Sadie Davis died July 1920, ? 3 years


*M. O. refers to Martha Orinda Lawhon Standifer

Accompanying this Bible record is a notarized document, which states the following:

"To Whom It May Concern

Nancy Elizabeth Standifer, born March 7, 1868 was the daughter of James Standifer and Martha O. Lawhon Standifer and was our mother. She first married A. C. Dilley, April 3, 1889 in Williamson County. After the death of A. C. Dilley she married C. F. Davis, December 6, 1902 in Bastrop County.

We hereby swear that the above is correct. Signed Ellen Dilley and Eugene B. Davis

Dated May 23, 1980"

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