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Viby Lawrence Standifer

 *Contributed by Jeanene Standfier Carver


Husband: V. L. Standifer, born January 22, 187(7?)

Wife: Mary Standifer: born January 3, 1880

Married: December 6, 1897

"On a cloudy, misty day but oh! the Joy when the "Wedding Bells Rang!"


Violet Standifer, b. January 4, 1899

Andrew Standifer, born January 21, 1902

Jessie Standifer, born January 24, 1904

Esther Standifer, born December 27, 1912

Eunice Elaine Standifer, born February 6, 1919

MARRIAGES (No dates.)

Violet Standifer
Charles Johnson

Jessie Standifer
Velam L. Otto

Andrew J. Standifer
Odene Johnson

Esther M. Standifer
Robert Travis Hankins

Elaine Standifer
Roland Woodrow Craddell

 *Note: Viby was the son of Isiah and Mary A. Standifer.

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