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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) From the notes of Grace N. Paris (1932-1952). She states that this record is in the possession of Mrs. Chris Kay of Pekin, Indiana.

 Bible Records of

McCallen/James Standeford/Jones


Amos McCallen and Margaret Haymore were joined in marriage October 30, 1834
James W. Standeford and Cynthia E. McCallen were joined in marriage November 1, 1857
William C. Jones and Cynthia Standeford were joined in marriage September 29, 1867

Children of Amos and Margaret McCallen

Susanna Jane McCallen, born October 4, 1835
Hayes Robert McCallen, born April 7, 1837
Cynthia Elizabeth McCallen, born August 8, 1839
Joseph Amos McCallen, born February 8, 1841
Andrew James McCallen, born April 11, 1844
Mary Catherine McCallen, born October 11, 1845


James Wilson Standeford was born March 5, 1834, Floyd Co., Indiana
Cynthia Elizabeth Standeford was born August 8, 1839 in Harrison Co., Indiana
Nathan Amos Standeford was born August 2, 1858 in Harrison Co., Indiana
Mary Evaline Standeford was born November 4, 1859 in Harrison Co., Indiana

Benoni Jones was born July 8, 1868 in Harrison Co., Indiana
Maggie Bell Jones was born December 16, 1869 in Harrison Co., Indiana
Arthue Osborn Jones was born September 3, 1871 in Harrison Co., Indiana
Wilbur Jones was born April 7, 1876 in Harrison Co., Indiana
Minnie Agnes Jones was born November 1, 1878 in Harrison Co., Indiana


Susan Jane McCallen died July 14, 1851
Andrew James McCallen died July 19, 1851
Joseph A. McCallen died February 7, 1876

Nathan A. Standeford died November 1, 1858
*James W. Standeford died October 19, 1861
(Note says that he was killed in the Civil War.)

Arthur C. Jones died October 20, 1887
Lulu L. Jones died October 8, 1888
Wilbur A. Jones died April 13, 1899
William C. Jones died November 3, 1906
Cynthia E. Jones died November 25, 1926
Maggie B. Cadle died July 25, 1926
Benoni Jones died March 13, 1938

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