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Bullet3.gif (148 bytes) (I have transcribed a copy of this bible record which I requested and received from the DAR files for Benjamin Standiford. I have been exact as possible in transcribing and when in doubt, I have so noted. Carol Lee Yarbrough)

Jacob Wolf/James W. Standifer Family Bible

There is a note attached to this bible record that reads: "The family Bible of Arinda (Standiford) Wolf and her husband Thomas S. Wolf. Arinda Standiford was a sister of my grandmother Frances Ellen Standiford and a daughter of James Williamson Standiford. The Standiford records in this Bible were copied from the family Bible of James Williamson Standiford and his wife Sarah (King) Standiford by Arinda Wolf and her daughters prior to Arinda’s death in 1918. The original J. W. Standiford family bible was in the possession of my grandmother, Frances Ellen Wilson. The bible was destroyed by fire in 1920, thus the only Bible records surviving are these of the Arinda and Thomas Wolf Bible. Signed. Ruth Marian Nelson."


Jacob Wolf was borned December 25th 1812

James W. Standifer was born August 15, 1810

Sarah Standifer was born May 22, 1812

Elizabeth Standifer was born March 22, 1830

Maryann Standifer was born November 16, 1832

William Standifer was born February 22, 1833

Thomas Standifer was born October 13, 1834

Richard Standifer was born December 30, 1838

Thomas S. Wolf was born August 12th 1845

Arinada Wolf was born December 16th 1850

Annis Wolf was born May 6th A. D. 1832

William S. Wolf was born Feb. 7th A.D. 1835

James L. Wolf was born May 5th A. D. 1838

Sarah Wolf was born Jan. 25th A. D. 1841

Asa F. Wolf was born Oct. 12th A. D. 1843

? (possibly Geo.) S. Wolf was born June 9th A. D. 1848

John W. Wolf was born March 9th A. D. 1851

E. N. Walf was born Jan. 15th A. D. 1854

M. L. Wolf was born Jan. 16th 1877

Sallie Leta Wolf was March 6th 1878

V. ? Wolf was borned Sept. 15, 1879

Ernestine Wolf was born February 17, 1906

Bennie Lee Wolf was born May 1(?), 1908

Lula Kate Wolf was born Dec. 10, 1910

Francas Wolf was born Jan. 20, 1914

Olive Witcher was born Oct. 15

Ruth Wolf was born Oct. 20, 1915

Emily Standifer was born April 6, 1851

Francis Ellin Standifer was born October 27, 1854

Jain Standifer was born Jan. 14, 1839

Sary Standifer was born April 22, 1842

James Standifer was born July 21, 1843

Elvina Standifer was born December 25, 1844

Margaret Standifer was born July 12, 1846

Arminta Standifer was born Feb. 22, 1848

Arinda Standifer was born December 16, 1850


Thomas S. Wolf was married December 16, 1875

Annis Wolf was married October 10, 1851

W. (T.?) Wolf was married August 1855

J. L. Wolf was married May 1858

Sarah Wolf was married (Dec.?) 15, 185(9 or 4)

James Standifer married October 21, 1828

(? Grandfather to Sarah King)

Betty G. Houck was born Wednesday, March 3, 1920

Lula Wolf was married Jan. 13

Thomas Wolf was married Sept. 15, 1904

Leta Wolf was married June 7, 1913

Leta Wolf Houck mother of Betty Jo Houck

Betty Jo Houck was married March 26, 1937 to Cletus Ray Kleen

Children born to this union.

Cletus Allen Klenn July 20, 1940

Dannie Kay Kleen-September 10, 1946

Rickie Jo Kleen, b. Feb. 25, 1948


Jacob Wolf departed this life Sept. 14th 1874

Asa F. Wolf departed this life Jan. 12th 1863

Sarah Standefer departed this life Sept. 22, 1968

T. S. Wolf departed this life October 4, 1874

Arinda Wolf departed this life January 27, 1918

Hyburnie (?) Wolf departed this life November 22, 1915

Leila Witcher departed this life Sept. 1936

Sallie Leta Wolf – June 11, 1943

Thomas (Tom) S. Wolf – Jan. 1960

James W. Standifer departed this life Feb. 19, 1892

Sary Standifer departed this life May 24, 1879

James Standifer departed this life April 29, 1869
(Buried in Bastrop. Son of James W. Standifer)

James Frank Houck July 6, 1960

Cletus Ray Kleen died May 22, 1988

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