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 Standifer Family Record

William Carroll Standifer Family Record
Stamped and signed by the County Court Clerk
Dated November 1, 1968

Signed by William Israel and Lee D. Standifer,
sons of William Carroll Standifer and grandsons of Skelton Carroll Standifer.

I, W. I. Standifer and Lee D. Standifer do hereby swear that Alfred L. Standifer was born May 18, 1914 at Tracy City, Tennessee is the son of A. L. Standifer, born June 18, 1879 and died October 30, 1918.  A. L. Standifer is the son of W. C. Standifer, born January 14, 1846 and died August 22, 192.

Other sons of the above W. C. Standifer are as follows:


J. L. Standifer             Born            May 3, 1869
J. C. Standifer             Born            May 17, 1871
J. H. Standifer             Born            November 29, 1873
A. L. Standifer             Born            June 28, 1879         
W. I. Standifer             Born            June 29, 1882
G. B. Standifer             Born            September 17, 1885
L. D. Standifer             Born            September 17, 1888


G. B. Standifer          Died            November 9, 1895
J. H. Standifer           Died            September 9, 1902
J. L. Standifer            Died            November 14, 1905
A. L. Standifer           Died            October 30, 1918       
W. C. Standifer          Died            August 22, 1921
J. C. Standifer            Died            December 27, 1956

Elva Jane Standifer, mother, died February 9, 1892.


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